Who is Watching You? You Never Know.

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Various branches of the Federal Government and State law enforcement may be monitoring your cell phones, PDA’s, net books, laptops, desk tops, Internet traffic, and yes even the GPS in your vehicle. In the beginning GPS trackers and locaters were used for purposes of assisting in emergency situations. Now these same miracle electronic transmitting units are making the majority of the population paranoid. The DEA, the FBI and other agencies in the name of Anti terrorism have been known to attach tracking devices to your car, boat or plane. As a formal Federal Prosecutor and an experienced Criminal Attorney in Sarasota, handling cases in Bradenton and Ft. Myers, I hear many cyber related concerns from clients about the invasion of their privacy. I see many cases where people are tracked through their cell phones, Ipads and electronic transmitting devices. Simply put, you never know who is watching you, tracking your vehicle or monitoring your communications.

If you find yourself asking this question it may be time to talk to an experienced Sarasota and Manatee county criminal lawyer who handles crimes where law enforcement and criminal prosecutors use electronic devices to gather evidence. Peace of mind is a phone call away and the consultation is free. Congress is currently working on legislation to challenge and change the law regarding surveillance by devices. So, if you are worried about being monitored in your professional world, personal finance, prescription use, tax filing practices, Face Book, or any other part of your life involving e-mailing, e-filing, texting, phone conversations or electronic transmission, you may put your mind at ease by contacting our experienced Florida State and Federal Criminal Lawyers today for a no obligation free consultation. Call today if you have a question or visit our site and Sarasotadefender.com

If you go in a chat room, or visit a porn site, or send or receive porn you are probably on someone’s list already. Your IP address may have already been flagged for scrutiny and tracking. The Government has access to the date and time, right down to the second, of your visits to many of the questionable sites. They can track prescriptions for drugs ordered on the Internet right to your door. Big Brother is finally here and watching you. If you feel that you are under investigation and need to ask questions, please call our office for a free consultation 941 366 3506