Possession and trafficking in Synthetic Drugs

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In June of 2014, Governor Scott signed House Bill 697 increasing the penalties in Florida for anyone who manufactures, purchases, delivers or brings into the State trafficking quantities of certain prohibited synthetic drugs. These are complex chemical compounds sold in mini marts, smoke shops and gas stations that produce hallucinations and highs. They are marketed at herbal incense and bath salts under many different names. Florida and the Federal Government have targeted these substances for the last five years. Most of the sales are to people between the age of 16 and 30. These are complex chemical compounds sold in mini marts, smoke shops and gas stations that produce hallucinations and highs
You can go to prison for minimum terms of three, seven or fifteen years depending on the quantity of drugs possessed, delivered or sold. Local law enforcement as well as the DEA have targeted the people who manufacture synthetic cannabinoids or phenethylamines and arrests across Florida continue. Money laundering charges can be expected as a part of the prosecution. Hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer is critical to staying out of prison. In Sarasota and Bradenton the Sheriff has detectives making undercover “buys” in gas stations, markets and head shops preparing for the execution of search warrants and the arrest of those involved. Even though the chemical composition continues to change, every time it does, the Florida Legislature attempts to keep up by adding more chemical substances to the list. In defending these cases expert testimony from chemists is sometimes necessary.
How to Defend a Synthetic Drug Charge
Not all criminal defense lawyers have actually defended these types of cases. Depending on the facts of your case, you may have a highly technical defense or a standard defense to possession or delivery of the synthetic chemical. The police still have to prove that you knowingly possessed the illegal substance. Did you know it was in your car or house? Did it belong to someone else? In many instances, the drugs are obtained through the U. S. Mail or through Federal Express or UPS through the use of fictitious names and legitimate addresses. Some are obtained through straw buyers who are used to accept delivery. The police follow the money to the source in good prosecutions. Since the chemical composition is constantly being changed in Molly and other designer drugs and synthetic drugs you may have to mount a highly technical defense with testimony from first class chemists. Our defense firm has defended a number of these types of cases. We will leave no stone unturned in your defense.
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