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If you have been arrested and charged with domestic violence, chances are, you regret letting things get out of control.

The police have no tolerance when it comes to fights between a husband and a wife and is someone calls 911, someone is going to jail. Most of the time, it is the man who gets arrested but sometimes, the wife, the mother or the girlfriend is the one who is taken away to jail. A battery arrest has terrible consequences. Most of the time, the judge, before the person is released on bond, imposes as a condition of bond a no contact order. This is a terrible situation for the family because most of the time, the husband has nowhere to go. Most working families cannot afford two places to live. Many times, because of the arrest, the husband loses his job. The Courts sometimes set very high bail bond and the family has to spend a lot of money getting him out of jail.

In some situations the charges can be serious. If there is a bad injury, there may be an arrest for aggravated battery, a felony. If something is used as a weapon and thrown, or if a person hits another person with an object like of phone or a cooking pan, a felony can be charged. The charge depends on how bad a person gets injured and whether or not a weapon is used. How do these things come about?

As experienced criminal defense lawyers we have found that most of the time, alcohol is involved. Sometimes, jealousy is the cause. Sometimes good people do get arrested as a result of losing their temper. Our goal is to solve the problem. Hopefully the family can be reunited and saved. Our goal is to get people help and keep them from being too harshly punished. The Public Defender does not handle hearings for lifting no contact orders. You need your own private lawyer to help you through this crisis. It does not cost anything to talk to us. Call today at the numbers below for a confidential consultation.

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