Porch Pirate Arrest Coming Soon

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Over the holidays here in Sarasota you can expect a number of arrests for grand theft and in some instances burglary, as a result of people stealing Christmas presents from doorsteps and front porches. In my neighborhood, just yesterday, we saw a suspicious car following a UPS delivery truck. There are millions of packages stolen every holiday season and with the advent of hidden video cameras, there will be more and more arrests. Just recently, a police officer’s wife was seen on video and later arrested and charged with grand theft as a result of stealing a neighbors presents off the front step.
Here in Sarasota and in Bradenton, car burglaries have skyrocketed during the Christmas season. Many guns have been reported stolen, as well as radar detectors, GPS devices and personal property. At night, in some neighborhoods, teenagers walk the streets late at night “pulling handles” looking for easy pickings. I have represented juveniles who simply do not understand how serious this is and how it can destroy their future. Parents need to really be aware of just how and arrest and prosecution can change their child’s future educational and employment prospects.
As a criminal lawyer here in Sarasota I see how kids can screw up their life by hanging with the wrong crowd or making some stupid decision after getting stoned or high. Juvenile cases have to be taken just as serious as adult charges. Kids need to know that it is not a matter of getting a slap on the wrist. A juvenile record can come back to haunt you if you later catch a charge as an adult. A bad juvenile history can land you in State prison later on as an adult on a relative minor charge. If your child is arrested and you want to talk, you can call my office here in Sarasota for a free consultation at 941 366 3506