Wheeling and Dealing….In Stolen Property in 2015

cropped-4x5-Aiken_Partners_0311.jpgDealing in Stolen Property will land you in State Prison. Most often this charge is filed against a drug addict who is stealing to support a pill addiction, heroin or crack cocaine habit. Many times the pawn shop owner or operator is under investigation for not handling transactions properly. Most often these charges arise with transactions in gold jewelry. Recently, the police have been looking into other types of businesses. The police acting in an undercover capacity will come in to sell or trade jewelry for other goods or products. Gold is a favorite because it can be melted down and becomes untraceable. If you are charged with this type of offense you have to take it seriously. If you are not a United States citizen a felony conviction can get you deported. If you get arrested you may not be able to get out on bond if there is an Immigration hold. You will get picked up by ICE and detained pending an Immigration Hearing.
In addition to being charged with a crime in Sarasota, the police may seize money from you and try and forfeit it to the State. There are laws with respect to forfeitures that the police must follow. If you need a forfeiture lawyer or an attorney to fight a forfeiture that is related to a criminal case you can call today for a free consultation.
You are presumed innocent. You have a right to an attorney and you have the right to remain silent. These are important rights and if you are under investigation or have been arrested in Bradenton or find yourself sitting in jail in Sarasota, call today for a free consultation with a Sarasota criminal lawyer, call 941 366 3506