Arrested for Credit Card Fraud Theft or Embezzlement in Sarasota or Bradenton?

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For over three decades our firm has defended fraud cases of all types. In Federal Court our Sarasota criminal defense firm has vigorously defended Federal Indictments for Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud, Bank Fraud, Mortgage Fraud, Social Security Fraud, Health Care Fraud and all forms of Tax Fraud.


In the Federal Arena


Peter Aiken, as a former Federal Agent and former Federal Prosecutor, has used his accounting background and white collar defense history to negotiate dispositions and try cases in front of juries in Tampa and Fort Myers. Recently, the Sarasota office of Aiken, O’Halloran and Associates has represented clients in cases involving credit card rings, identity theft and forgery. Generally, these cases are investigated by the FBI, Secret Service or the economic crime division of various local law enforcement departments like the Sarasota Sheriff’s Office, the Manatee Sheriff’s office, the Sarasota police department and the Northport police department.

Bank Fraud, Mortgage Fraud and Mail Fraud Defense


This type of defense comprises a substantial portion of our Federal Defense litigation. Recently, in Sarasota and Manatee Counties there have been a number of investigations into Elder Fraud where the State has prosecuted financial advisors and brokers for misappropriation of client funds.

Also, there have been recent cases where relatives and caregivers have been charged for unauthorized withdrawals, unauthorized purchases and other illegal acts. Given the demographics of Sarasota County, more prosecutions are expected for:


Crimes involving the Elderly


Allegations of employee theft often result in criminal prosecutions. These cases usually involve bookkeepers, cashiers, tellers, business partners and trusted employees who have access to money or financial records. Peter Aiken’s accounting background is a enormous advantage in investigating and resolving financial crimes. Often, it is another employee who has taken the money and blames someone else to cover his or her actions. These economic crime cases are defensible and hiring an experienced white collar crime lawyer may make a difference. We are experienced Elder Fraud Defense Attorneys in Sarasota and Bradenton


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