Jail bait sex sting running in Sarasota

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May 21 2018

Jail bait sex sting running in Sarasota

Hooking up with a minor will land you in State prison.

Is there a sex sting running right now in Sarasota?

It looks like there might be.

You would have thought that when Craigslist shut down Casual Encounters and when the guys that ran Backpage.com got arrested that the stings would slow down. The new law imposing criminal liability on the webpage operators should have taken a real bite out of the Sex Stings making it more difficult for the undercover chatters to entrap men. I am curious and willing to bet that the cops are now targeting the phone applications and the other social media sites like snapchat.com,Facebook.com,Meetme.com , PlentyoFish.com or Grindr.com. They are going to have to start trolling the regular legitimate dating sites with teaser profiles. If anyone ever even hints they are underage, immediately report it to law enforcement. Do not let curiosity get the best of you. There are no real 14 or 15 year old girls or boys that want to have sex with older men. They want guys their age. It is always a cop.

If anyone ever hints they are “inexperienced” or want to “learn about sex” immediately stop chatting and block them. They don’t call it jail bait for nothing. The best way to not get arrested is to not commit a crime. There is no such thing an innocent talk with an underage minor. It is all bad. Do not do it.

As a sex sting lawyer, I run into guys all the time that let curiosity get the best of them. Do not fall for the bait. Do not do it. Over and over I see chats where the man asks “you are not a cop are you”. Typically, the undercover chatter replies “no, are you”. Police do not have to tell you they are the police. That is a myth. Sex with a 15 year old will get you up to 15 years in prison. It is not worth it. Walk away now.

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