Sex and Seventeen will get you time

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In Sarasota, the State attorney’s office is aggressively prosecuting men for having sex with underage prostitutes. There is a little known law that allows the State to charge you with a serious felony for having sex with a seventeen year old woman. The age of consent in Florida is sixteen but if the girl is seventeen and you are over twenty five you are looking at a sex crime that will score you for a long State prison sentence.
As stupid as this may sound, if a man twenty four years old has sex with a seventeen year old, no law is violated. If the man is twenty five then he faces a serious prison time. It does not matter if the girl is a prostitute. Here in Sarasota the State has sent several men to prison for having sex with a seventeen year old prostitute. To make matters even worse, it does not matter if the prostitute has a phony ID falsifying and misrepresenting her true age.
Even though the woman is seventeen, and even if she has lied about her age, even if she has an altered driver’s license and even if she is a prostitute, it is still a felony. As a Sarasota sex crime lawyer I question the logic of the State in going forward with a sex crime prosecution where the alleged victim is a hooker. The prosecutor still has the discretion to charge the lesser crime of solicitation, a misdemeanor.
In my opinion, it is a terrible injustice to prosecute a man when the woman has lied about her age and produced a phony ID. Girls use phone identification all the time to get into bars and dance clubs. Just because you meet them where they are supposed to be of legal age, it does not mean they really are.
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