Drug Arrests on the increase in the Suncoast Area From Bradenton to Ft. Myers Drug busts are up

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There seems to be a peak in enforcement of the laws with respect to controlled substances. Car stop are on the increase. Undercover operations are on the rise, particularly with respect to opiates like Oxycontin and Oxycodone. All of the police agencies are targeting Fentanyl. Trafficking in Cocaine cases are surging and there is a major push in Ft. Myers, Punta Gorda, Venice, Sarasota and Bradenton to crack down on the dealers. Everywhere drug busts are on the increase.
“How do I know you are not a cop”? “I asked him if he was the police” Don’t they have to tell the truth about being a cop”?……I hear this all the time. News Flash….They are undercover cops and they can lie. The police in an undercover capacity do not have to truthfully answer or tell you they are cops. Duhhhh! That is why they call them undercover cops.

They didn’t read me my rights….Isn’t that illegal? The truth is, they don’t have to read you your rights. If the police see you commit a crime or if you deal with them and they are in an undercover capacity, they don’t have to read you your rights, even after they arrest you. The only time they have to read you your rights is if they are going to question you. If they don’t, then what you say is not supposed to be used in Court. The State may have a perfectly good case and not need you to answer questions.

Most people arrested for drugs don’t know the law….That is why they hire lawyers

At our criminal defense firm we know the law. We know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to defenses. Do not believe what you see on television lawyer shows. That is entertainment, not real life. If you have been busted for coke, heroin, fentanyl or weed and need a good experienced lawyer give us a call. The consultation is free.
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