My son is in the Sarasota Jail….What should I do?

Sarasota and Bradenton Criminal Defense Attorney
Peter D Aiken
Representing the Florida Accused

It is the late night call you never wanted to get. A son or daughter calls from a recorded jail phone asking for help. They have been arrested and don’t know what to do. For the laymen, it is a complicated process to find out what is going on. For an experienced criminal defense lawyer, it may take only minutes or seconds to find out what the charges are, how much the bond is going to be and what your child is facing. For some parents, ones with kids on drugs, this call has been expected for a long time. For others, it comes as a shock. Before you do anything, get in touch with a good Sarasota criminal defense lawyer immediately. Look for a defense attorney with experience and not a “newbee” who may or may not know the ropes.
Where and when possible, hire a private attorney, as opposed to waiting for a court appointed lawyer to “get to it”. Most private lawyers, including myself, can be quickly reached on the phone or the Internet. Before you spend all of the family’s money on bail bond,talk to a good criminal defense lawyer. He may be able to get the bond reduced and save you a bundle. I see so many relatives in a panic spend everything they have on bond and they not be able to afford a real defense. Bond is only temporary but what actually happens in the case is permanent.

If you can reach a private lawyer before the “first appearance”, he or she can go to the jail, interview your relative or friend, and show up at jail court and hopefully secure a release.

Do not wait for the appointment of the public defender.

Getting to a good private experienced criminal defense lawyer quickly can, and often does, make a huge difference in the ultimate outcome of the case. Hiring a good lawyer, often referred to as “lawyering up”, can result in valuable evidence not being lost. Timing is critical in criminal investigations. Securing photographs, documenting events and preserving evidence is a must. I have been defending criminal cases for over thirty years. Prompt action makes all the difference in the world. Check out my web page or my qualifications and experience and if you want a free consultation give me a call at 941 366 3506.