Gun Sales explode after California Shooting

20150617-143-Edit(1)Peter D Aiken, Criminal Defense Attorney

Gun Sales Soar after the December 2, 2015 Mass Shooting in US
If you went to the Tampa gun show or a local gun store in the last week you already know that gun sales are going through the roof all over Florida. The fear of further restrictions on ammunition and high capacity magazines caused a run on bullets and magazines. Florida already has more concealed weapons permit holders than any other State and legislation is working its way through the House to allow guns on campus. I am all for the Second Amendment and concealed weapons permitting, but the simple fact is many people are going to get arrested simply out of ignorance of the law. More guns in the possession of ordinary people means more arrests for unintentional violations of the law.
Can you carry a gun in your car?
The answer to this is yes, but you have to know the law


You can have a gun in your car if it is securely encased. This means it has to be in a holster with a snap or a container with a lid. If it is concealed under a seat, in a bag or stuck between the seats, it is illegal and constitutes carrying a concealed weapon, particularly if it is within ready reach. You also run afoul of the law if the gun is within reach of a child. Sadly, we constantly hear of children getting their hands on guns and accidently shooting themselves or someone else. The other problem with guns in the car is the temptation to pull it or point it in a road rage situation. I have handled many cases where a driver in anger or fear displays a firearm or in some instances points it. This can get you arrested for aggravated assault with a firearm, a charge that can land you in State prison.
Responsible gun ownership and use is a good thing
You have the right to defend yourself
In Florida we have a stand your ground law and you can lawfully defend yourself. Just because you can legally shoot someone doesn’t mean you should. Shooting someone should be an absolute last resort, and a final act in self defense. You cannot shoot someone for stealing property from your yard or car. You cannot shoot someone running away or fleeing. Firearms laws carry harsh penalties and the Florida “Ten, Twenty, Life” law can result in years in State prison. Domestic Violence situations can get terribly out of hand if alcohol and guns are mixed. Hopefully, you will never need a criminal defense lawyer, but if you do….
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