Attorney General Backs Release of Federal Drug Offenders

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Attorney General Backs Release of Federal Drug Offenders
Finally our Government is coming to its senses. Eric Holder, the Attorney General is backing a revision of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines which should take effect November 1st of 2014. The new provisions are to be applied retroactively on drug sentences in cases that do not involve guns or violence. The new guidelines could reduce the Federal prison population by over 20,000 inmates. Eric Holder and the Obama administration have taken a bold step even supported by Rand Paul. This is fantastic news for many of the drug offender now serving Federal sentences. It will allow many men who have been in prison for over ten years to apply for a sentence reduction and release. Some estimates put the number at sixty thousand men and women that may be released. Finally some sanity in Federal law.
Did you know that the United States has 5% of the World’s population but 25% of the world’s prisoners. We lead the world in the number of people in prison. Hopefully this is the first step in rethinking the war on drugs. As a drug lawyer, former Federal prosecutor and former Federal Agent I have been blogging for years pointing out how incredibly harsh and unfair our drug laws are. Twenty or more States have now legalized medical marijuana but in Florida there are still some die hard born again radicals like Sheriff Grady Judd that want to continue a losing war on pot. Just today, the Florida Sheriff’s Association launched media campaign against marijuana reform. This is the same mentality that continued the Vietnam war for ten years after it was lost.
Your vote counts. Vote for the legalization of medical marijuana. Vote for change. One way of reducing the crime rate is to make less things a crime. The United States is finally coming around and realizing that drug addiction is a medical issue that can better be addressed with other solutions. Let me hear your opinion. If you have a marijuana case pending or a relative in Federal prison on drug charges call today for a free consultation at either our criminal law office in Sarasota 941-366-3506 or our criminal defense firm in Ft. Myers 239-334-8890

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