Heroin and child abuse

Punta Gorda
Ft Myers

January 2017

There were two arrests here in Sarasota yesterday involving heroin overdoses.

According to the reports, a couple passed out with two kids in the back of the car at a local service station. This resulted in their arrest as well as the children being place with relatives. DCF will now become involved and he parent run the risk of losing their children. The good news is that both of the parents lived through the overdose. That is not the case in some instances. I recently represented a young man who came home and found the mother of their child dead in the bathtub with the crying baby in another room. There is some bad stuff in town. The heroin is often mixed with fentynal or elephant tranquilizer and shooting it can and will often result in death. If you are the parent of young adults, it has to be heartbreaking to watch them throw away their lives with a heroin addiction. Believe it or not, an arrest is a blessing. It brings the addiction to the attention of the Courts.

Addiction is a sickness.

It is a sickness that results in or causes crime.

Many heroin addicts turn to burglary or stealing from relatives to support the habit. Parents are between a rock and a hard place. If they turn their kids in for stealing from them, they feel guilt. The truth is, they are saving their lives. It is difficult to force an adult addict to get help. The addiction overpowers their free will and a person addicted to an opiate like Oxycontin, Percocet or Oxycodone simply cannot quit or seek help. Here in Sarasota we have “Drug Court”. Entry into this program can result in a life being saved.

If you have a child or relative hooked on heroin or one of the other opiates, or, if you have this problem yourself, you can get help. As a criminal defense attorney, but more importantly a fellow human being and a parent myself, my goal is not just to “win” or “beat the system”. I think it is important to save lives. Probation without treatment is a trap and a one way ticket to State prison. If you are the parent of a child who needs help or if your child or relative has been arrested for possession of heroin or worse yet, trafficking in heroin, give me a call at 941 366 3506, here in Sarasota or in Ft. Myers at our office their at 239 334 8890,

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