Should I take a plea or go to trial?

Peter D Aiken
Criminal Defense Attorney
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If you are facing a criminal charge ultimately you have to make a decision on what to do.

It is often the toughest decision of your life.

Many times, you get an offer of probation.

Probation can be a good thing, a second chance, but, it may also be a trap depending on your lifestyle.

A good criminal defense lawyer can help you make an “informed decision” but ultimately, it is 100% your call. There are a lot of factors to be considered.
What is the downside if you go to trial and lose?
Are you facing a minimum mandatory sentence?
What is the maximum and minimum penalty?
How strong is the evidence against you?
Do you have factual defenses?
Do you have legal defenses?
Are you using the Public Defender?
Is your lawyer experienced?
What is the judge’s history when it comes to sentencing?
Does this judge have a history of slamming people who go to trial?
What are the collateral consequences of a felony conviction?
Will I lose my job?
Will I lose a professional license?

I have been representing professionals like doctors and lawyers now for over thirty years. If you hold a professional license, there is no such thing as a minor offense. If you are a school teacher, a health care professional, a massage therapist or a person who can lose your ability to earn a livelihood, you have to know what you are doing in resolving a criminal case. If you are under investigation for tax fraud, Medicare fraud or sales tax fraud and have not yet been charged, you need to talk to an experienced criminal defense lawyer immediately. We may be able to keep the charges from ever being filed. An arrest is a public event and you end up with your name coming up on pretty much forever. Your photograph ends up on Getting to a good lawyer early may be the best thing you have ever done.

Do not be penny wise and pound foolish. Do not wait until you are arrested or it is too late prevent being picked up. As an experienced criminal defense attorney, over the years, I have kept a lot of people from being arrested. The best criminal case is the one you never hear of. The best arrest is the one that never happens. The best result is when your friends and neighbors never even know you were under investigation. What you say to a lawyer is privileged. If you want to talk in confidence, call me at 941 366 3506. The initial consultation is free.