Marijuana Laws……Change is coming to Florida

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We are in the last days of prohibition. The State of Colorado is poised to earn a billion dollars from legal marijuana sales. The State of Washington is close behind. All across the Country legislators will not be able to resist tapping into that revenue source and my prediction is that in the next five years more and more states will legalize marijuana. The sad fact is that enforcing drug laws for trafficking in marijuana, cultivation of marijuana and possession of marijuana is big business. Do you have any idea how much money is spent by the Federal Government each year by the DEA, the Department of Justice and the Bureau of Prisons on catching, prosecuting and imprisoning men and women for Marijuana crimes? Did our government learn nothing from making marijuana illegal? Would there be Mexican cartels or Columbian cartels if the drugs were legal. As a criminal lawyer I witness the tragedy of the lives destroyed by putting people in jail for importing, growing, selling and smoking weed. What is even worse is way the law is enforced. If you are black, you are much more likely to go to jail or end up in prison than if you are white. The same goes for Hispanics.
The Federal Government is still enforcing the marijuana laws with a vengeance. They just don’t get it. At least half the people, and the number is growing, believe marijuana should be legal. These people are now voters and over the next few years change will come for sure. In the meantime, here in Sarasota and Bradenton, the police will still arrest and prosecute you for cultivation, sale or possession of pot. Do you have any idea how many people get their probation violated for a dirty urine test for marijuana? I regularly represent college students, many of them model students, who get arrested for pot. The arrest, and even worse, a conviction of a felony will ruin their lives before they really start. Drug Court, here in Sarasota or Drug Court in Bradenton is a good alternative for cases of possession of marijuana, and successful completion can result in the charge being dropped and your record expunged. Do not take a marijuana conviction lightly. You will lose your driver’s license for two years and that will only lead to more driving on a suspended license charges, and usually a probation violation.
Having a good lawyer in Sarasota County Court or getting good legal representation in Manatee County can make a difference in your future. Until change comes to Florida, as a criminal defense attorney I will do my best to help the unfortunate ones who get arrested out of the situation. If you have been busted for pot or for synthetic marijuana and need legal help, you can call my law office in Sarasota for a free consultation at 941 366 3506