How to Win a Probation Violation Hearing


All is not lost….A probation violation is not hopeless
If you or a loved one is charged with a probation violation and have a hearing coming up, do not give up hope. Many times probation can be reinstated or the probation violation can get dismissed if you have a good defense. There are several types of violations. If you have been arrested on a new criminal charge, chances are you are sitting in jail on no bond. If you have what is known as a technical violation like failure to report on time, changing your address without permission or a dirty urine, you are probably out on bond and your case will be set for a probation violation hearing. You need to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately.
For there to be a violation, it has to be willful and substantial and not just some picky meaningless technical violation. The rules are important but to put you in jail, usually, it has to be a real substantial violation. Many times, an experienced criminal lawyer can negotiate a reinstatement with the prosecutor and the judge thus avoiding jail. Do not give up hope.
If you had a dirty urine, it may be possible to negotiate drug evaluation and treatment as an alternative to jail. If you have a drug problem, you need help, not incarceration. Drug addiction is a medical problem that needs to be treated and not simply postponed with some jail time.
As a Sarasota criminal lawyer my job is the try and solve your problem and prevent you from slipping back into a situation that will land you in jail. Call today for a free consultation 941-366-3506