I Should Have Kept My Mouth Shut

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In this business, I hear that all the time. As a general rule, nothing good comes of talking with a detective if you have anything remotely to worry about. They are in the business of arresting people and putting them in jail. Just yesterday, I was at the Sarasota Jail and ran into a Sarasota city detective who was interviewing a defendant in the absence of his attorney. She knew he had a criminal defense lawyer, knew he was represented, and in direct violation of the Constitution was hell bent on getting an admission anyway.
You have a right to remain silent. Keep your mouth shut. Do not try and talk your way out of a problem. It will only hurt your chances of ultimately winning. You have a right to an attorney. Do not feel that by asking for an attorney or refusing to answer questions, that it somehow is an admission of guilt. It is not. It is an absolute constitutional right. Nothing hurts a case more than a recorded statement admitting key facts.
The cops are sneaky. I just listened to a questioning by Charlotte cops, where over and over the defendant said “I don’t want to say anything” and “I think I should take the Fifth”. The cops kept right on questioning him until they finally got an admission. You can attack that type of conduct later in Court, but a much better approach is to simply keep your mouth shut. Ron White the comedian has a skit he gives where he says “I know I have the right to remain silent, I just don’t have the ability”.
In sex cases an admission is deadly. Since most sex crimes are a one on one situation, getting an admission is critical to the State’s case, and the cops will stop at nothing to get one. Call a lawyer immediately. It will be the best decision of your life and may save you from a life in prison. Sex crimes involving minors many times carry a life in prison penalty. Child Pornography cases here in Sarasota often carry twenty to forty years in prison. If the police come to your house with a search warrant, “keep your mouth shut”. You are going to get arrested anyway, no matter what you say. Do not make it worse by admitting that it is your computer or you were the one on it.
Sometimes, sex cases can be won on technicalities. The facts may be horrible but the police may have made some legal mistake resulting in the evidence being thrown out. Never give up and never, no never, give up your right to an attorney or your right to remain silent.
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