I accidently violated my probation….What now?

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Peter D Aiken

I can’t tell you how many times I hear this. It is so easy to mess up and end up with a violation. Many people do not understand the importance of absolute compliance with all of the terms of probation. Many people who have not lived a structured life, or come from a broken home, or have a drug addiction simply often fail to strictly comply. Missing an appointment can get you violated. Failing to notify the probation officer of a change of address can be a problem. Leaving the County without permission is a frequent violation. Not paying you costs of supervision is the most common. Needless to say, a new arrest will do it every time.

A probation violation has to be both willful and substantial.

Here in Sarasota, a judge’s ruling finding a violation was recently overturned by the higher Court. It has to be substantial, not just an accident or technical violation. As a criminal defense attorney I understand the importance of a person having good representation at a probation violation hearing. Many times, it is up to a mother, father or spouse to interview and hire a good lawyer. If the person is sitting in jail, they have no access to a computer and only limited access to a telephone and no real list of lawyers. All the jail provides is the Yellow pages, and most of the lawyers no longer bother to even get listed.

The Internet is a good way to find a qualified experienced Sarasota criminal defense attorney.

Do your homework when it comes to really verifying experience. You can’t believe everything you see and never base a decision as to who to hire on simply an advertisement. My suggestion if you are looking for a probation violation lawyer, is to actually call and talk to the attorney, not just a clerk in his office. Do not discuss your case or your situation with some telephone service. Talk to the lawyer in person.

A good criminal lawyer may be able to get the probation reinstated or at a minimum get a bond pending the probation violation hearing. Do not give up hope and simply plead to the violation. If you have questions, call 941 366 3506 for a free consultation