Hurricane Irma Arrests

Peter D Aiken
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The hurricane brought a lot of grief to a lot of people.
Arrests are already up and are going to increase.

Many people lost their jobs and out of desperation are going to come into contact with law enforcement.
There have already been a number of curfew violations.

There have been some arrests for grand theft and burglary and over the next several weeks probably more. Desperate people do desperate things. I anticipate that there will be arrests for “contracting without a license” as well as insurance fraud. There will probably be a number of property crime arrests as a result of people stealing items from their neighbors. I also anticipate there will be arrests for “defrauding a pawn broker” when people in desperation try and pawn stolen items.
There is also going to be a sharp increase in probation violations. The hurricane interrupted the drug business just as it impacted legal businesses. Sadly, the anxiety of a loss of employment or loss of shelter may push some people back into drug use.

If you are on drug offender probation, that is a real problem.

A dirty urine can get you violated. Do not slip. Do not feel hopeless. If you are addicted to pills (Oxycodone or Oxycontin), don’t do something stupid and try and get them on the street. A lot of the bootleg pills are really Fentanyl and you can end up overdosing. Drug addiction is a medical problem that causes you to come into contact with law enforcement. You need help, not jail. We handle all forms of drug crimes as well as the other types of crimes caused by drug addiction. Dealing in stolen property is the most common one when addicts pawn stolen items to support their habit. Defrauding a pawn broker is another common offense caused by addiction. For a lot of people, the next few months are going to be tough. Many people who live week to week have lost their jobs and are desperate.

Desperate people do desperate things….If you messed up and need legal representation…..

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