Heroin Crisis Could Have Been Prevented

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Roll the clock back two years. There were hundreds of deaths each year from opiate pill overdoses. The answer of law enforcement, crack down. The answer for the Florida legislature, crack down. The answer from the State Attorney, crack down. The true problem is that there were thousands of normal men and women that had been addicted by doctors and the drug companies pushing their products. The doctors and the drug companies created the problem. People who simply had automobile accidents or other injuries found themselves addicted to Oxycontin, Oxycodone, Percocet and other opiates.
When law enforcement cracked down on the pill mills and the supply for the addicts dried up what happened? The heroin traffic exploded and many people found themselves now addicted to heroin instead of pills. The problem is addiction and everyone missed the boat on how to solve the problem. The money should have been put into programs to get people off the opiates. The methadone clinics are a joke. They for most part are money making operations just like the pill mills. The goal has to be getting people off drugs, not just changing the drug of choice from one to another. You can now buy heroin over the counter at some places in Sarasota. The pill mill void has been filled with an even worse drug. What nobody understands is that drug addiction is a medical problem that causes crime. Burglaries occur every day by addicts that have to find a way to support their habit. Credit cards get stolen and used by addicts who need money to pay for heroin. The answer is simply to get people help. Drug Court is doing a fantastic job but the emphasis has to be on getting people help, not putting them in jail. We regularly defend addicts and having compassion and understanding is part of our job. As a Sarasota Criminal Defense Attorney, our goal is to get you help and get you off drugs….In Sarasota call 941 366 3506 or visit our website at Sarasotadefender.com

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