Heroin Crackdown Manatee and Sarasota

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Regrettably the crackdown of prescription medication, particularly opiates like Oxycondone, Oxycontin, Percocet and Vicodin has had a terrible side effect. As the price of “Blues” goes up due to the reduction in supply, people addicted the pills have turned to shooting heroin or snorting heroin. Heroin on the street now goes for as little as ten to fifteen dollars a bag. As a criminal defense lawyer in Sarasota, I am saddened to see people switching from pills to heroin. The more the police crackdown on the numerous pill mills and doctor shopping, the greater the heroin epidemic.
I spoke with an addict in jail today charged with burglary and grand theft. He was stealing to support his $1000 a day heroin habit. He originally became addicted when one of the pain management doctors wrote him script after script for Oxycodone. Once the Oxycodone became unavailable he switched to the cheaper and more available hard stuff. Now he has tracks in his arms and is sitting in jail looking at State Prison on burglary of a dwelling and theft. The police need to provide an alternative when the supply of Oxys is cut off. Many people are turning to the Internet to get Opiates. They are led to believe that the DEA cannot track them. Think again! The Feds are tightening the noose on the offshore pill suppliers and I promise you, they can track your order right to your door.
If you are addicted and if it is ruining your life you need help. If you have been arrested for possession of a controlled substance or trafficking in Heroin because of the quantity you got caught with. You need help, not prison. I have been in the criminal justice system all my adult life as an agent, prosecutor and for the last 25 years a practicing experienced criminal defense attorney. I help people from Lee to Hillsborough. There is no charge for a free telephone consultation. Call today before you get busted and explore your alternatives 941-366-3506