Bond Out……Do Not Go for Pre Trial Release

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If you get arrested in Sarasota of taken into custody in Bradenton, the law requires that you be taken before a judge for a fist appearance hearing within 24 hours. For some offenses, the bond is set automatically and you do not have to wait for this hearing. If you can, bond out immediately using a reputable bondsman. If you need a bond, go online and find a good bondsman. They all charge the same fee which is ten percent of the total bond. If you wait until your first hearing, there are some judges here in Sarasota that have a reputation for raising the bond on their own and setting very high bonds. Bond out if you can.
Pre Trial release is an option but it comes with strings. Many of the judges impose special conditions such as mandatory drug testing, no alcohol consumption and mandatory domestic violence counseling. They are in effect finding you guilty before you even go to Court. As a Sarasota criminal Lawyer, I can tell you that nine times out of ten, you are better off to bond out and not take the chance of getting an unreasonable judge. Sometimes, there may not be a bond. If you have a Sarasota criminal Lawyer, for a new crime, the Court may set “no Bond”. This means you will sit in County Jail until your case is resolved. Having an experienced lawyer is a good start. If you need a bond hearing for a loved one or relative, call today for a free consultation. 941 366 3506