New Laws on Gun Sales Coming in 2016

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Later this week the details will be rolling out on the executive order signed by Obama dealing with increased regulation of gun sales. One target is the gun show loophole. It is expected that the new regulations will even further define who must get a “Federal Firearm Dealers License”.
It is anticipated that private citizens selling their own guns at gun shows may have to register as a firearms “dealer” and people buying from them will have to undergo background checks. The new executive regulations are being attacked by the Republican presidential candidates. Nothing is more controversial in America than gun laws. On the one side it is argued that America leads the world in gun violence and gun deaths. It is one of the leading causes of death for men under thirty. On the other side, it is argued that additional regulation would not have stopped a single one of the mass shooting. As a criminal defense lawyer, I deal with gun crimes all the time. Most of the guns involved in gun crimes were obtained illegally in a burglary or theft and further regulation would do nothing. It seems to me that the potential for mass shootings only increases the need of the average citizen to be armed. Many of the shootings have been at soft targets where guns are not permitted and people are sitting ducks.
The real issue is a mental health one. The real issue in most of the big cities is drugs and money which breeds gun violence. The better answer is increased penalties for the use of a gun in a crime. Florida already has enhanced penalties for crimes involving guns. Those penalties are stiff already. What is needed if more enforcement of existing laws not more law. The proposed changes will do nothing to stop the gun crime epidemic. It may be a political band aid but will do nothing in the long run. I believe in the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms. I believe in self defense. Most of the time, in a crisis, you can’t wait for the police to get there. What the new law will actually produce is more regulation, more arrests of innocent citizens and more business for criminal lawyers like me. As a former Federal prosecutor and former Federal Agent, in my opinion, the new regulation misses the boat. Congress needs to step up and pass meaningful laws to curb gun violence. Our congress is dysfunctional and incapable of passing any law on any subject. At least Obama is doing something, although in my opinion it will not help.If you get arrested and charged with a gun crime and want to talk to a defense lawyer, give me a call at 941 366 3506