I pawned some stuff that wasn’t mine…What now?

Peter D Aiken – Sarasota
Sean C. O’Halloran – Ft. Myers
Andrew Banya – Punta Gorda

March 14 2017

Did you know you can get charged with a second degree felony for dealing in stolen property and you can get charged with defrauding a pawn broker if you take something that is stolen to a pawn shop?

Many times, a person addicted to drugs, will steal from their parents or relatives and then give the stuff to a friend to pawn for drug money. The person pawning it may not know is was stolen but they can nonetheless get in deep trouble.

Never pawn something that is not yours.

If someone asks you to pawn something for them and offers you a part of the money, beware. There has to be a reason if someone wants you to pawn something for them.
If someone owes you money and offers to pay for it with jewelry or something else that looks suspicious, be careful. Unfortunately, kids, hooked on drugs often steal from parents and grandparents. They think they will never be suspected. These kids know better than to pawn the stolen items themselves so they have someone else go in and leave their fingerprint.

Do not get duped into going in and pawning something that is not yours.

When there is theft reported, the first thing the police do is run the names of the people that are suspects through recent pawn databases. The item stolen may have only been worth $50 and the original theft charge only a misdemeanor but when the item is pawned, you can end up getting charged with dealing in stolen property.

If you have been arrested for dealing in stolen property you may have been the victim yourself to someone else’s criminal conduct.

You may well have been tricked or duped into doing something stupid just to help a friend.

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