Who are the real drug dealers? You would be surprised.

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For those of you who watched “60 Minutes” on television on December 17th, , you already know the answer. McKesson Pharmaceuticals makes billions and for decades has turned a blind eye and concealed from the DEA the quantity of Opiates (pills) it has pumped into society. McKesson entered into a deal with the DEA to pay a $150 million dollar fine for not reporting suspicious drug orders. That is a drop in the bucket compared to what they make in one day dealing drugs. The drug companies, the huge corporations are the real drug pushers. They claim that it is the doctors and the pharmacies, but literally, the buck stops with them. They make the Oxycodone that has addicted and killed so many people in America.
If you have been arrested for possession of Oxycontin, Oxycodone, Fentanyl or Heroin, I would be willing to bet your addiction began with pain medication produced by the real drug dealers, the huge American drug companies. Many people who get injured go on to get addicted. For decades, the doctors have been writing scripts for these highly addictive pain killers. Housewives, construction workers and everyday normal people have been addicted by the over prescribing of pain meds by doctors. If you were in an automobile accident and the lawyers and doctors were trying to run up the “damages” documenting pain and suffering, you may have been prescribed Oxycontin or Oxycodone in excess. It is super easy to get addicted. As the pills got harder and harder to get, some people opted for Heroin as a substitute. Now everyday normal people have become addicts all because the huge drug companies for decades have pushed drugs and made billions. They are the real cartel, but in America, with their billions make them immune from prosecution. They are the donors who back our lawmakers. They are simply too big and too powerful to be prosecuted.

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As a criminal defense lawyer I represent the people at the bottom of the food chain, the addicts. It is easy sometimes to take probation, but probation is a trap if you are an addict. What addicts need is treatment. The alternative is prison or death. Jail or prison is not the answer for addiction. Illegal possession of a certain quantity of opiates can result in trafficking charges and result in a long minimum mandatory prison sentence. The drug database has made it harder to get pills and the net result is people are dropping like flies from drug overdoses on Fentanyl. At our criminal defense firm, we are not judgmental. We understand how people end up being addicts. There is life after addiction. Do not give up. We will try and find a way to keep you out of jail and get you help. It costs nothing to give us a call.

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