Locked up or Knocked up….Which is worse?

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August 18 2018

As a parent, it used to be that you had to worry about your teenage daughter getting pregnant. Now you have to worry just as much about your teenage son getting arrested for some type of sex offense. Teenage girls gone wild! They have been brainwashed and sexualized by videos, rock idols, rap music and a society that is out of whack when it comes to sex.

Did you know that thirty per cent of teenage kids have at one time or another sent or received texts with sexually explicit videos or images that meet the definition of child pornography?

Teenage girls now send their boyfriends or potential boyfriends sexually explicit pics of their vagina or breasts. If you are the parent of a teenage boy, imagine how tempting that is for him. Teenage girls are aggressively luring teenage boys into sexual encounters on sites like “Tinder”. Teenage girls to avoid getting pregnant often engage in oral sex or “backpacking”. It has been my observations that the average teenage girls is much more mature that the average boy her age. That leads the teenage girl to engage in sexual relations with young men several years her senior. If a fifteen year old sexually mature girl lures and eighteen or nineteen year old boy into a sexual encounter, then the young man can end up being charged with a sex crime and face becoming a registered sex offender for life.
Young men are stupid and often think with the wrong head. Many times, it is the girl (or should I say young woman) that is at fault.

They don’t call it jail bait for nothing.

As a parent, just because you have a son and not a daughter, do not feel safe. Boys don’t get pregnant but they do get arrested. If you have a son headed for college, the true danger is the combination of alcohol and the sexually promiscuous aggressive coed. Many times, a coed will get drunk or stoned, have sex, and then the next day claim she was raped because she was too drunk to consent. The girls do not want to take responsibility for their own actions or decisions. I have defended lots of college boys in these “date rape” allegations. Many times the kids will videotape or digitally record their sexual encounter. Depending upon their age, this can also be a crime. Many times kids sitting at a computer will Skype or use Instagram to exchange videos of them masturbating. This can also lead to child porn charges. Everyone always assumes it is the boys fault….but that is not necessarily the case.

Educate your sons and daughters about the dangers of Internet Sex….
Getting locked up is sometimes worse than getting knocked up.

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