Don’t Touch That!

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Criminal Defense Attorney
Peter D Aiken

From the time we can first remember I am sure you recall your mom or dad telling you “don’t touch that”.

It might be a hot stove, and electrical outlet, an angry bee or something else that will hurt you.

There are dire consequences to touching something you should not.

That is particularly true when it comes to touching a minor.

We live in a crazy world where an accidental touch of a minor can be misconstrued. You could find yourself under investigation for lewd and lascivious touching for something as innocent as bouncing your granddaughter on your knee or letting her ride on your shoulders in the pool. Things that years ago were totally innocent now have been deemed to be something dark and evil. Sadly we are at a point in time where helping bathe a grandchild can get you arrested and charged with a sex crime. Potty training a child puts you at risk of being investigated by the DCF or worse yet the sex crime division of the local Sheriff’s department. When parents are getting divorced false accusations of sex abuse often occur. One parent or the other may make a false accusation as part of a custody dispute and you as a grandparent may find yourself falsely accused by someone with ulterior motives. The DCF has a history of getting these false accusations wrong.

As a sex crime defense lawyer, I can’t tell you how many times an innocent touch has been portrayed as something bad or evil. When the kids go to school, they are bombarded with classes and lecture about “Good touch…Bad Touch”. Even the children are brainwashed to think any touch of the privates is a “bad touch”. We live in dangerous times. A single dad putting ointment on a child’s vagina or a son’s penis can lead to a false arrest. The world has gone nuts when it comes to child sex crimes. If you are contacted by DCF or the sex crime unit of the local police department, pick up the phone and call me before you make a statement. You may know you have done nothing wrong, but they investigators sometimes take things a little out of context. Stepfathers are particularly at risk when it comes to false accusations of a sex offense. Stepdaughters may want to break up their mom and the new dad, and teenagers are notorious for making up total false stories about stepdads. They may want their biological dad back and falsely accuse the new man in their mom’s life. In-laws also may have ulterior motives in making a false accusation of a lewd and lascivious touching. When in doubt, be on the safe side and give a good experienced criminal defense lawyer a call before consenting to any interview.

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