Sarasota Domestic Violence…..Zero Tolerance

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Zero Tolerance for Domestic Battery in Sarasota and Bradenton
Should you call 911 if your argument with your spouse gets a little heated? If you do, someone is going to jail. If the police respond and do not arrest someone and things later end up with someone getting hurt the cops run the risk of being sued. For that reason, and others, the police will generally arrest one party or the other. I have been handling domestic violence cases now for over thirty years. As a Sarasota criminal lawyer, my number one goal is to salvage the family if possible. When the police become involved and one spouse gets arrested, generally at the first Court appearance the Court will order that when released the arrested person is prohibited from contacting his or her spouse. This is called a no contact order. That creates an enormous burden for the average family. Most families live day to day financially. Few families can afford to maintain two places to live.
Over the years, I have observed that ninety per cent of the time in domestic violence cases, alcohol is the cause. Good men, good providers, good fathers get liquored up and do stupid things. There is no excuse for hitting a woman. Having said that however, in my experience, half the time the women are just as violent. What couples need is counseling and not jail. If the provider sits in jail and loses his job, every member of the family suffers. As a Sarasota criminal defense attorney I try and convince the prosecutor that sometimes criminal prosecution is not the answer. What we really need is a domestic violence court like drug court. Counseling and alcohol treatment is much better than locking someone up.
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