Arrested for Date Rape or Statutory Rape in Sarasota or Bradenton?

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Being falsely accused of a sex crime is a horrible thing. As a sex crime lawyer, I have seen innocent men falsely accused and under investigation facing malicious false accusations by women. The crime is actually called sexual battery. It can take the form of forcible rape or simple alleged non consensual sex in a dating setting. The police routinely believe the woman. The prosecutors almost always take the side of the accuser. Many rape reports and allegations are simply false and most have an ulterior motive by the accuser.


Statutory rape is having sex with an underage girl


Many times this involves a 15 year old female who was the real aggressor in a sexual situation. Many times the 15 year old lied about her age or even had a false identification. Do not assume a girl you meet in a bar or dance club is an adult. They sneak in with false identification. You may be arrested even if the girl came on to you and seemingly consented.


Date Rape


When it comes to date rape, some women want to blame their partners for their own indiscretion. Women and men drink too much or abuse drugs and sex occurs. Some women will not take responsibility for their own conduct and days or weeks later claim they were drugged or the sex was non consensual.This happens all the time in the college setting. Custody disputes in divorce cases often involve allegations of underage sex. Sometimes, money is the real reason. Athletes are common targets for false allegations. As a sex crime lawyer for over thirty years I have defended false allegations of sexual battery. These cases are defensible and a timely investigation is critical. Do not wait until you are arrested. Many times criminal defense lawyers can expose the false allegation before an arrest occurs.


How to defend against a false charge


Most of the time, there is a reason for the false allegation. It can be jealousy. It can be to gain custody of the child. The accuser can be mentally unstable or it can be done to get the man out of the house. In the past, I have defended men falsely accused by women who had consensual sex and when their boyfriend finds out, claimed they were raped. Many times, the true victim is the man that is falsely accused. Teachers are accused by disgruntled students. Stepfathers are accused by stepdaughters. Even wives can accuse their husbands and former spouses of sexual abuse.


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