Criminal Charges can be an Embarrassing

20150617-042-Edit(1)Many criminal defense lawyers choose to post their case results on their webpages.

At our criminal defense firm, we do not. When a person is originally arrested, the adverse publicity is bad enough. There is usually an article in the newspaper, a blurb or more on television and their photo and arrest details posted on “Mug Shots” on the Internet. Friends, neighbors and relatives immediately become aware of an embarrassing situation. When your case is finally “over”, the last thing you want, is some lawyer using it as part of his Internet advertising program. Anytime anything is written and posted on the Internet, even a case number, the Google search engines pick it up and if anyone later does a search on your name, up it pops. Employers often do “Google searches” on prospective employees and the last thing you want them to see, even if you were acquitted, is an arrest record.
Once something is on the Internet, it cannot be removed or expunged. Unlike Court records or arrest records, the Internet is unforgiving, and it stays there forever. Even a totally false accusation, particularly one for a sex crime offense, will haunt you forever. Even when you are found to be not guilty, some people simply feel you just beat the system. Sarasota is not that big of a town and word spreads quickly, particularly in professional circles. You do not want colleagues knowing about your legal problems. If you are a lawyer or a doctor a false accusation hurts you professionally. It is for that very reason, as a criminal defense lawyer I try to keep things “quiet”. What may be good for the lawyer’s reputation, is not good for your reputation. Some of the best results I have ever obtained for a client will never be known to anyone. Keeping someone from being charged criminally or keeping them from being indicted for some federal crime like tax evasion or tax fraud is the ultimate result. It is the arrest that triggers the adverse publicity.
Making a problem quietly go away should be every defense lawyer’s optimum goal.

Some lawyers that charge by the hour, sometimes simply do not do all they can to bring a case to quick and quiet end. Knowing how to make a case “go away”, knowing who to call and what to say, takes years of experience.

No two cases are ever the same and no reputable lawyer can ever guarantee a result.

What you really are paying for when you hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer is the ultimate result, and the quicker and quieter you can get it, the better. Some of you may remember the old Miami Dolphin team and their “no name defense”. They were not publicity hounds but they got the job quietly done.
Do not be fooled by titles like “Superlawyer”. These are advertising gimmicks that lawyers pay for. Do not be fooled by placement on the Google search page. The lawyers simply buy ad placement. Do not be misled by the many lawyer referral services where lawyers simply pay for placement. Do your homework. Look for experience. Quietly and discreetly solving problems is what I have done for a living for over thirty years. If you want to talk about a possible criminal prosecution or if you are under some type of investigation, do not wait until it hits the fan, call 941 366 3506 for a confidential free consultation