Christmas in the Polkey


No, it is not spelled wrong. In Polk County, Sheriff Grady Judd has arrested 95 people in his latest December 2015 sex sting. Most of them were either women so desperate they had turned to prostitution or men seeking a no strings attached fling. Grady Judd bragged that they will be eating pressed turkey in jail for Christmas. You will be paying for Grady Judd’s turkey dinners. Is he that desperate to pump up arrest statistics? Is he really stomping out crime and making the community safe? The sex operation ran for five days at an enormous cost in terms of manpower and money, and in reality did nothing when it comes to crime detection or prevention. How many packages were stolen off doorsteps while the deputies and detectives were baiting people on

How many cars were broken into in the Malls?


How many houses were burglarized?


How many DUI accidents were prevented?

Should prostitution really be a crime?

It is the oldest profession. It goes back as far as recorded history. It was around in Biblical times and in most civilized countries is accepted as a reality. Sadly some women and mothers are so desperate that as an absolute last resort, they sell the only thing they have left, their body. Many are drug addicts, and it is the addiction, the physical dependency, that forces them into prostitution. From the man’s point of view, some single men are workaholics and have no time for a real relationship but still have the physical need for sex. Legalized prostitution would actually reduce crime in terms of rape and child molestation. Sex is a reality, everywhere but in the mind of Grady Judd. He has a “righteous” ultra conservative religious view of anything sexual in nature. News flash Grady…..people engage in sex outside of marriage! Some men do not want to mislead women with false promises of a relationship. Some men are honest and prostitution is the ultimate honest relationship. No one has to fake love or make phony promises. It is a simple straight forward business relationship and should be legal.
If a women or a man wants to consensually engage in sex, it is legal. If a man takes a woman to dinner, buys her drinks or gives her a present for sex, it is ok. If he simply gives her cash it is a crime. That is ridiculous. It is a victimless crime and has been around forever. The voters of Polk County, the taxpayers of Polk County and the citizens of Polk County are the losers in Grady Judd’s moral crusade. As a criminal defense lawyer, over the years, I have handled many solicitation cases. For the high end escort, sex is a commodity being sold in a purely business relationship. For the man, it is a convenient way to have a risk free sexual release. It is nature.
In an Internet sex sting, the police are doing the soliciting. The police post on the Internet offering sex and when someone bites, it is off to jail. What a waste of resources. Grady Judd is the Grinch for everyone except the bondsmen and criminal lawyers. These manufactured crimes are pure entrapment and a horrible waste of taxpayer money.
Let me hear your views or if you or a friend got busted, call 941 366 3506 to talk