Sarasota Commission passes “feel good” resolution on stricter gun control

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In the wake of the terrible tragedy in Orlando, law makers all across the country are struggling with a way to curtail mass shootings.

This simply reignites the debate between those who believe guns are the problem and those who believe it is a mental health issue.

As a Sarasota criminal defense lawyer I deal with gun crimes on a regular basis. We are lucky to live where we do. In Chicago, so far this year over 1700 people have suffered gunshot wounds, many of which have died. The problem is not the mass shootings but the shootings that occur on a daily basis. The mass shootings get the publicity but we have become accustomed to the daily reports of routine homicides in our cities. More people will get killed in Chicago with guns this year than all the mass shootings combined.

On the one hand, there are many people that feel having a gun is absolutely necessary to protect one’s home, loved ones and business. On the other hand you cannot argue with the statistics that document thousands of deaths each year all across America. The debate is about to begin again when it comes to assault rifles like the AR-15. When Mr. Stoner invented the AR-15 it was designed for use as a military weapon. The government already regulates silencers and machine guns. You have to have a Federal tax stamp and pass scrutiny to get one. My prediction is that this year you will see Federal legislation, not banning, but regulating possession of assault rifles. I understand the NRA position that any regulation creates a slippery slope towards ultimate gun confiscation but we have to do something. There has to be a compromise between what is reasonable and necessary and chaos.

Does the average family or person really need an assault rifle?
Do you need a gun for self-protection that that shoots thirty times?

The gun show loophole really does need to be closed. You can still have private sales at gun shows but make the buyer and the seller go to a dealer table, do the background check and do the transaction in normal fashion. This would curtail the trade and dealing in stolen guns and eliminate felons from buying guns from the guys walking around. I absolutely believe in the Second Amendment and our right to bear arms. We just need to balance that with a little common sense.

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