Pinellas Sex Sting….They just keep coming

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Pinellas Sex Sting….They just keep coming
It seems like there is no end to the sex sting arrests in Florida. Just today, the authorities in Pinellas County announced ten more arrests in their latest Internet sex operation “OPERATION INTERCEPT”. Although the numbers are dwindling with each subsequent sex sting, ten men now face becoming registered sex offenders and years in prison. The police claim they pose as children in chat rooms but that simply is not true. The police really pose as adults on adult dating sites and then after establishing a rapport claim that they are really underage. Nothing on the Internet is real when it comes to dating sites. As a Florida Sex Sting Lawyer, I have now handled thirty of these sting cases several in Pinellas County Florida and in not one was there a real child on the Internet. It is always the cops. It is never a real child.
Do not succumb to temptation. Never chat with anyone who claims they are underage.  There are no 14 or 15 year old girls who want to get experience by hooking up with some older guy. Remember what Mohamed Ali said. Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. If you think you are talking to some young horny girl, you are badly mistaken. You are chatting with a cop who will do anything to convince you to travel to meet a minor. The best way to avoid getting “stung” and having your life ruined it to simply not commit a crime. Never, no never chat with a child for any reason. Never agree to meet with someone who says that they are under age because you will get arrested and charged with traveling to meet a minor. If you encounter someone on the Internet that claims to be underage, flag their post and report it to law enforcement. Keeping kids off the Internet should be everyone’s goal. Unfortunately, the police over and over convince men to hook up even if they had no intention of ever doing anything with an under aged person.
Do not give up hope
If a relative or friend has been arrested for a sex crime ….do not abandon them.
Chances are, they are not guilty of anything other than succumbing to entrapment by police operations designed to target weak men seeking adults for casual encounters. The social media sites are dangerous places. is loaded with undercover cops posing as hookers who then claim to be underage. The police pose as single fathers and mothers seeking men to “teach” their kids about sex. This is a total scam. There are no real parents on the Internet pimping their children. Be strong. Do not give into temptation. Never try and hook up with a kid. If you have those urges, seek psychological counseling. Get help…Do not get arrested.

If you had a friend, husband, brother,son or fiance that was arrested in the Pinellas county internet sex sting over the weekend and need an experienced attorney to answer questions and address your concerns, call and ask for Peter Aiken.
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