Another Sex Sting in Bradenton

4x5 056Another Sex Sting in Bradenton
The Manatee Sheriff’s spokesman went on television to announce the arrest of 14 men in the latest Internet sex sting operation. What the public is told is simply a lie. In the press releases, the Sheriff claims that the men approached minors with profiles on the Internet. The truth is that the undercover chatters posed as adults on Internet sites like Craigslist,, and After engaging the men in chat, the detectives switched to ages to those of minors. Many lives have been ruined by these sex sting operations. The public needs to be told the truth about what is really happening.
It is a crime to lure, seduce and entice a minor. It is a crime to travel to meet a minor after using the Internet to lure, seduce or entice. The police are posing as adults and then pretending to be minors interested in sexual encounters. The truth is that in many of these cases it is the police that are doing the seducing. The police post ads in the adult section of posing as prostitutes offering sex and “in calls” for money. When men respond, they switch the age and claim the woman is really a 15 year old. The police run ads like “Get me pregnant” in adult dating sites. Again, they bait and switch and after engaging men in texting switch the age to that of a minor.
One of the common ploys is for the police to pose as a mother or single dad looking for someone to teach their daughter about sex. Over and over, year after year, men fall for this pitch. The police are still getting away with these entrapment techniques. As the cases work their way through the court system the real tactics come to light. There is a world of difference between what you see on television and what is really happening. As a sex sting lawyer and sex crime attorney I have been involved in over twenty five of these sting cases. I have been blogging for several years trying to educate the public, but the stings keep on coming. The truth is that there are millions of dollars of Federal money involved. The local departments are under pressure to produce results to justify the money they get. It is just like the old ticket quotas. There are defenses to these trumped up arrests and if you or a loved one gets arrested you need to speak with a criminal defense attorney who has experience in trying the cases.
Being falsely accused of a sex crime is a horrible thing. Friends, employers and family members often abandon you after a sex sting arrest. They simply do not know what really the police really have done. You can call my Sarasota office for a free consultation at 941 366 3506. I will give you and your family straight answers. If you have been arrested in the March 2015 Manatee internet sex sting, DO NOT give up, call me, Peter D Aiken, and let me talk you through your defense options. 941-366-3506

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