Sarasota Police Crack down on Crack

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The police chief here in Sarasota announced three dozen arrests in the latest crack cocaine operation. For months the police have been making buys and just this week it came to a head with dozens of arrests.
Many people sell cocaine to support their habit. Many if not all of the people arrested had prior arrests and convictions. This comes two days before the United States Senate passed a criminal justice reform bill allowing judges more discretion in avoiding minimum mandatory sentences. Dealing crack ultimately is a one way ticket to prison. If you have been arrested for sale of cocaine or possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance, it is possible to turn your life around. No one wants to spend life in prison or keep going through the criminal justice system over and over. It is possible to get help.

Many of the crack addicts have switched to Meth which is now much easier to get. In the short term, an addict can support a habit by dealing, but in the long run, it is a one way street, downhill and ends in either death or prison. As a Sarasota criminal defense lawyer. , one of my goals is to try and help people get out of this downhill cycle. If you have a son or daughter that has been arrested for dealing crack and want to talk, give me a call. Most addicts are in denial and often the family has to step up and take the first step in getting them on the right track.

Many of the new arrests are based on what they call “controlled buys” where an undercover cop actually makes a buy, or uses an informant who is wired up with a recording device, to purchase a rock. The police often make multiple buys from the same person to run up the guideline score sheet to make sure the person scores for State prison. There may be a technical defense in terms of an illegal search and seizure or entrapment but controlled buy cases are really tough to defend. The Public Defender is often overworked and underpaid and you want to get a loved one a quality criminal defense or get a loved one real help, often a private good Sarasota defense lawyer is a better answer. It does not cost anything for a free consultation

If you or a loved one has been accused of or arrested for possession of Crack Cocaine or Meth and have questions about what to do next, Please call attorney Peter D Aiken at 941-366-3506.



Holiday Stress and Drinking leads to Arrests

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Christmas and New Years are supposed to be a time for friends and families to celebrate the holidays. Holiday traffic can lead to “road rage” arrests. Fighting over a parking space is just not worth it. Holiday shopping and the financial stress on husbands and wives can lead to arguments that get out of hand. Throw a little alcohol into the mix and before you know it someone lands in jail for domestic violence. An angry word, a sarcastic comment and a few drinks can lead to loved ones fighting over something that really is not important.

If you get arrested for “domestic battery”, often the judge at your fist appearance enters a no contact order.

That will ruin Christmas for the entire family. At our criminal defense firm, one of our goals is to heal and reunite the family, when possible. Things can really get out of hand. If one person hits the other with any kind of object or weapon, they will get arrested for aggravated battery. If someone gets stitches, someone is going to jail. If a deadly weapon is used, the bail bond is usually high and the penalties are increased.

The holidays are a time for happiness. If a loved one has been arrested and the bond is set too high, a quick bond reduction hearing is necessary. Don’t let a husband, a wife, a loved one sit in jail waiting for the Public Defender to “get to it”. It costs nothing to call most lawyers’ offices for a free consultation. It the person hit was over 65, it is a felony. If the person was a grandparent elderly, the charge may be “elderly abuse”. The holidays should be a time for families to get together and celebrate, not agitate.

From our Criminal law office here in Sarasota ……We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year