Don’t lose your temper…..Don’t get arrested

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July 24 2018

Summertime and it’s hot and steamy, and it is easy to get aggravated and provoked by others.

The hotter it gets, the more likely people are to get arrested for domestic battery, aggravated battery and road rage.

The simple solution is, even though it is hot, just don’t lose your cool.

If someone cuts you off in traffic, honks at you, takes your parking place, or gives you the finger, remain calm. It does no good allow something silly to escalate into an arrest. Most road rage arrests can be avoided. Here is another piece of good advice. In Florida, there
are over two million people with concealed weapons licenses. Almost every one of them carries a gun either on them, or in their car. Do not get provoked into getting out of your car to argue with someone, and never go up to someone in a car and reach in or confront them.

Florida is a stand your ground State and you just might get shot.

Does it really matter who was right, if you are dead? Don’t lose your temper…..Don’t get arrested

Never, no never, take out your gun and waive it, unless you are in fear of imminent bodily harm. You can get arrested and prosecuted for aggravated assault with a firearm for pointing a gun at someone. You can get arrested for “improper display of a firearm” for simply showing it. If you fire a warning shot, you may find yourself facing a minimum mandatory prison sentence. Remain calm. Never argue with an idiot. People watching cannot tell which one is the idiot.

Weekly I get calls from people arrested for domestic violence.An argument with a spouse or girlfriend goes too far. Alcohol and jealousy are a bad combination. Sometimes it is money problems or “kids gone wild” that sets things off. If you think you are about to “lose it”, take a deep breath, step back, think twice and walk away. Being “right” doesn’t really matter and getting arrested is expensive. You end up having to post bond, hire a lawyer and take off from work all as a result of something that could be avoided.

Many times, particularly in domestic situations, the man gets arrested when in fact the woman hit or struck or scratched him first. Guys, don’t get pushed into over responding. Keep your cool, walk away.

If you have been arrested for domestic violence (battery) and a no contact order has been entered, you need a good lawyer right away. Sometimes as a criminal defense lawyer I have been able to get the charges dropped before the next court date.

The best way to not need a lawyer in Sarasota is to not get arrested