Who are the real drug dealers?

Sarasota and Bradenton Criminal Defense Attorney
Peter D Aiken

June 6 2017

When you hear the term drug dealer, you think of some sleazy guy in the ghetto pushing heroin or some other addictive drug.
The truth is that some of the drug companies are some of the biggest “dealers” in the world.

There is a company called INSYS that produced a Fentanyl spray allegedly for cancer patients that brought in $240,000,000 pushing a product called “Subsys”

Doctors were allegedly bribed to prescribe it. Some have been prosecuted. A thirty day supply cost between $3,000 to $30,000 a month. This was passed on to the insurance companies. Who ultimately foots the bill for this? We do, with increased insurance premiums on the rest of us. Why do you think we have such a horrific opiate problem in America? Go back ten to fifteen years and take a look at the marketing practices of the major drug companies. Doctors were kept in the dark about the dangers of addiction from products like Oxycontin and Oxycodone.
The drug representatives (salesmen) encouraged the prescription of the opiates and the drug companies made billions. They still do. Now, some people are making big bucks on Methadone and other substitute so called “pain killers” .
Pain is real, but so is addiction. Drug dependency can kill you, particularly when the supply gets short and you turn to heroin or fentanyl.

Addicts need help, not jail.