Sarasota Prostitution Operation nets Four Men

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If you live in Sarasota and travel the North trail you cannot help but notice the hookers strutting their stuff each afternoon.

It is the same pathetic bunch each day flashing drivers going north along 41. They hang around Publix across from the boat ramp and in the park just North of the Publix Plaza. The police, in the latest “operation” arrested four men “johns” and charged them with solicitation for prostitution. In my experience, most of the time it is the undercover female detective that is doing the soliciting. I understand the police policy in doing stings, but maybe a better approach would be to arrest the hookers. Most of them are drug addicts or alcoholics who is desperation are selling their bodies. After all, prostitution is the oldest profession.
Women have been selling sex since the beginning of time. If they do it at the bar at the Ritz on a Friday or Saturday night it is no different than down the street on 41. It is just not in public.

As a criminal defense lawyer,I think prostitution should be legal. In many places here in the United States, it is. It most places it is simply ignored. The police do token enforcement when it really becomes flagrant like on the North Trail, but other than that, here in Sarasota, it is basically ignored. You never see a high end call girl getting arrested here. Every now and then when arrests are slow, the police can pump up statistics with a sting. Personally, I think our precious law enforcement resources can be put to better use. I feel for the men arrested in these stings. The public humiliation has to be penalty enough. So the next time you are driving north on the Trail, and you see the red headed hooker flashing her belly don’t even think about waiving or stopping. The Internet has put almost all of the street walkers out of business. All that is left are the ones that are so poor and so desperate that they cannot afford a smart phone, much less a medical exam. If prostitution was legal and regulated, crime would go down. Disease would be better controlled and in the long run everyone would be better off.