Tips for Avoiding Road Rage Arrest


It has happened to all of us. Some jerk cuts us off, gives us the finger or slams on his brakes in front of us. Your blood boils, your heart pounds and you lose it. For over thirty years, I have been defending road rage cases where some simple traffic incident results in as arrest for a serious felony. Do not lose your temper, no matter what. Nothing good comes of flipping someone off, honking your horn or giving someone the “look”. What happens next can change your life.

We live in a State with over two million concealed weapons permits. That is a lot of people carrying guns. The last thing you want to do is piss off some psycho who pulls a gun and shoots you or your car. The very last thing you want to do is pull or display a gun yourself. If you point a gun at someone, you will be charged with Aggravated Assault. If you simply hold it up for them to see, you can get charged with reckless display of a firearm. Either way, you get arrested and find yourself in jail, having to bond out and having to hire a criminal lawyer. A momentary lapse of judgement will cost you a bundle.

The kids on the crotch rockets will get your blood boiling. They zip through traffic at breakneck speeds, cut people off, flip people off and sometimes curse and get downright hostile. Never let some punk push your button. Knowing when to walk away and knowing when not to escalate a situation is a symbol of maturity and just plain good sense. No one generally wins a fight. The loser goes to the hospital and the winner generally goes to jail.

As a Sarasota criminal lawyer, over the last thirty years, I have seen it all. Good people do make mistakes that can change their lives forever. A car can be considered a dangerous weapon and cutting someone off in anger, trying to run them off the road, or even bumping or tapping their vehicle can get you locked up. Remember, never argue with an idiot. People watching cannot tell which one is the idiot. Never lose your temper and never let anger get the best of you.

I have an idea that there should be a special horn that only honks on the inside of your car. That way you could honk and vent your anger all day long. How about car horns coming with only 100 honks. When you use them up, you have to pay for another 100. That would get people to stop using their horns solely to vent anger or frustration. Anger is a waste emotion.

Hopefully you will never need a good lawyer. An ounce of prevention is the best cure.
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