Have you been arrested for Possession of Marijuana, Heroin or Meth and need a Criminal Defense Attorney?

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Sarasota, Bradenton and Ft Myers Marijuana Possession Attorneys

Although medical marijuana is legal in some states, simple possession of marijuana in any quantity is against the law. One joint or roach can cost you your driver’s license for two years in Florida. Talk to one of our criminal defense attorneys before pleading guilty and getting placed on probation. You could be facing a probation revocation in the future if you test dirty. Never plead just to get it over with.
Do not consent to a search of your car. Never admit you know marijuana, heroin or meth is in your vehicle, on your person or in your house. Never let an officer into your home to look around.
Call to speak with one of our criminal defense lawyers before arraignment.
You may have been illegally stopped or illegally searched. Our Sarasota criminal defense lawyers may be able to get your criminal charges dropped, dismissed or reduced. A marijuana, meth, heroin, cocaine or pill conviction can affect your future employment, educational opportunities and your career. We may be able to win your case and get your arrest record expunged.

Sarasota, Bradenton and Ft Myers Marijuana Sale Attorneys

If you have been arrested for the purchase or sale of marijuana, heroin or meth you are facing a felony and could go to state prison. At the law firm of Aiken, O’Halloran & Associates, we defend people charged with trafficking in marijuana, heroin and meth as well as in federal court in Tampa, for marijuana smuggling, marijuana importation and grow house cultivation.
If a gun was involved in your arrest, you could be faced with stiffer penalties for armed trafficking or as a repeat offender in Federal Court be facing possibly life in prison.
We will investigate your case, thoroughly prepare your defense and fight for you in court. In some instances, we may be able to get you a good plea bargain or plea deal that keeps you from having a felony conviction, and from going to jail and losing your civil rights.
If you are not a U.S. citizen, a drug conviction can have serious consequences, including deportation. Even if you are NOT deported, you may be excluded and prohibited from entry into the United States again.
Call today to discuss your case and your rights. Contact our Sarasota, Bradenton and Ft Myers marijuana, heroin and meth possession lawyers at Aiken, O’Halloran & Associates before you set foot in court.
Do not wait until arraignment.
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Sarasota Sex sting in the works?

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Sarasota Sex sting in the works?
Pinellas County announced today, June 16th 2015 ten more arrests in the latest sex sting called “operation intercept”. It was reported that officers from Sarasota participated. Usually, weeks after an operation in the Tampa area you see another one here in the Sarasota or Bradenton area. We are due for another internet sex sting to include a task force looking for hash values of child pornography here in Sarasota any day.
It amazes me then month after month men fall for this ploy on the Internet. The truth is, there are no horny young girls seeking some older man to teach them about sex. That is pure BS. There are no real parents on the Internet trying to find some guy to educate or teach their son or daughter about sex. It is always a cop….always.
We all want to keep kids safe and the best way is to keep them off the Internet. This is what the police should be focusing on. If you are chatting with someone you think is an adult and they all of a sudden claim they are under age, terminate all contact. Flag their post and report them to the police. The best way to prevent crime is to keep kids off the Internet dating sites.
The police are now targeting the phone applications that match up profiles. You would think that the person you are matched up with is an adult. Demand verification of age. Demand to see a photograph and a real ID. Never take a chance on hooking up with a minor. It is a crime and will land you in State prison for years and you will end up being a registered sex offender for life. I have done over thirty sex sting cases in the last five years. The police really do entrap unsuspecting weak lonely men and talk them into doing things they would never do. Do not fall victim to entrapment. Be strong. Walk away. Never chat with anyone who claims to be a minor.
If you are reading this too late or a friend or relative has fallen victim to a sex sting, call today for a free consultation. I have worked with attorneys across Florida as well as other states to give them the benefit of my experience in this area. These cases do have defense and are not hopeless. Call today at 941 366 3506


Pinellas Sex Sting….They just keep coming

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If your relative or friend is in jail, we will go visit them immediately.
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Pinellas Sex Sting….They just keep coming
It seems like there is no end to the sex sting arrests in Florida. Just today, the authorities in Pinellas County announced ten more arrests in their latest Internet sex operation “OPERATION INTERCEPT”. Although the numbers are dwindling with each subsequent sex sting, ten men now face becoming registered sex offenders and years in prison. The police claim they pose as children in chat rooms but that simply is not true. The police really pose as adults on adult dating sites and then after establishing a rapport claim that they are really underage. Nothing on the Internet is real when it comes to dating sites. As a Florida Sex Sting Lawyer, I have now handled thirty of these sting cases several in Pinellas County Florida and in not one was there a real child on the Internet. It is always the cops. It is never a real child.
Do not succumb to temptation. Never chat with anyone who claims they are underage.  There are no 14 or 15 year old girls who want to get experience by hooking up with some older guy. Remember what Mohamed Ali said. Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. If you think you are talking to some young horny girl, you are badly mistaken. You are chatting with a cop who will do anything to convince you to travel to meet a minor. The best way to avoid getting “stung” and having your life ruined it to simply not commit a crime. Never, no never chat with a child for any reason. Never agree to meet with someone who says that they are under age because you will get arrested and charged with traveling to meet a minor. If you encounter someone on the Internet that claims to be underage, flag their post and report it to law enforcement. Keeping kids off the Internet should be everyone’s goal. Unfortunately, the police over and over convince men to hook up even if they had no intention of ever doing anything with an under aged person.
Do not give up hope
If a relative or friend has been arrested for a sex crime ….do not abandon them.
Chances are, they are not guilty of anything other than succumbing to entrapment by police operations designed to target weak men seeking adults for casual encounters. The social media sites are dangerous places. Backpage.com is loaded with undercover cops posing as hookers who then claim to be underage. The police pose as single fathers and mothers seeking men to “teach” their kids about sex. This is a total scam. There are no real parents on the Internet pimping their children. Be strong. Do not give into temptation. Never try and hook up with a kid. If you have those urges, seek psychological counseling. Get help…Do not get arrested.

If you had a friend, husband, brother,son or fiance that was arrested in the Pinellas county internet sex sting over the weekend and need an experienced attorney to answer questions and address your concerns, call and ask for Peter Aiken.
I often help local lawyers who have little experience in these sex sting cases. Call today for a free consultation at 941 366 3506. It may help to have a different perspective or to get a second opinion from an experienced sex crime lawyer



Pinellas Sex Sting 10 arrested

10 Men Arrested in Internet Sting

Have you been arrested and Charged with an Injunction in Sarasota or Bradenton?

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Sarasota Injunction Lawyers

Only a Private Attorney Can Represent You in an Injunction
The Sarasota Public Defender’s Office cannot represent you at an injunction hearing. The experienced lawyers at Aiken, O’Halloran & Associates of Sarasota will work to have the restraining order or injunction dissolved or dismissed, so you can move on with your life and reunite with your family.
Although we are aggressive attorneys, we also understand the importance of family life, and we want to help you start the healing process.
Timing is crucial. Don’t wait to hire an attorney. Call Aiken, O’Halloran & Associates in Sarasota, Florida, at 941-366-3506 or contact us online.
Sarasota Restraining Order Lawyers
Often, a temporary restraining order, or a no-contact order, is put in place after a domestic violence-related charge is made such as aggravated battery. Other times, a messy divorce or a false accusation of violence by a spouse can lead to a restraining order. The types of injunctions in Florida include:
• Domestic violence injunctions
• Dating violence injunctions
• Repeat violence injunctions
• Sexual violence injunctions
If you also have a pending criminal case, our Sarasota injunction attorneys will use your hearing as an opportunity to develop facts that will help your criminal case. The public defender cannot do this. As private lawyers, we have a huge advantage over public defenders when we use these hearings to gather valuable evidence for you. Many times evidence developed at these hearings can affect a prosecutors decision as to whether or not to file a charge against you.
Even if your criminal case is ultimately dropped, you may not be able to go home unless you fought and won at the injunction hearing. At these restraining order hearings, most of the time, the person seeking the order does not have an attorney who knows the rules of evidence. Having your own private lawyer gives you an enormous advantage.
Call 941-366-3506 today and speak with Peter Aiken or contact us online


Arrested for Aggravated Battery in Sarasota or Bradenton?

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Sarasota Aggravated Battery Attorneys
The defense lawyers at Aiken, O’Halloran & Associates of Sarasota have extensive experience in defending aggravated battery cases. An aggravated battery charge, unlike a simple battery charge, usually involves the use of a weapon or some type of serious injury. These types of charges sometimes arise as a result of domestic battery situations. If a firearm was used, you could be facing a minimum mandatory jail sentence.
Sarasota Aggravated Assault Attorneys
If you threatened someone with a weapon such as a gun, a knife, a club or some other deadly weapon, you could be charged with aggravated assault. Sometimes even road rage can result in an aggravated assault charge. We have experience defending these types of cases.
• You may have acted in self defense.
• Under new Florida law, you have the right to stand your ground.
• The police may have arrested the wrong person.
• Your use of force may have been justified.
Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer
Unfortunately, many times the police, to justify their use of excessive force (beating you up), will charge you with battery on a law enforcement officer to keep you from suing them. Sometimes, they will charge you with resisting arrest with violence to cover up their police -misconduct.
The experienced lawyers at Aiken, O’Halloran & Associates will investigate your case. There -may be a video of your arrest on your incident. There may be witnesses who saw what really happened. Our quick investigation and contact with the prosecutor may keep your case from being filed. We may be able to get the charges dropped or your case dismissed.
Put your future in your hands. Hire an attorney who is working for you now. Call our Sarasota aggravated battery lawyers today at 941-366-3506 or contact us online for a free consultation. If your relative or friend is in jail, we will go visit them immediately.
Do not wait … help is only a phone call away. 941-366-3506

Can I Withdraw my Guilty Plea?


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Can I Withdraw my Guilty Plea?
Many people who are on probation regret pleading either no contest or guilty and want to take it back. The decision as to whether or not to accept a plea deal is a tough one. Many times, the Public Defender will advise someone to accept a plea rather than fight the case. Each case is different and each person in different. Some people because a of a drug problem, a bi-polar condition or economic circumstances simply will not make it. In our criminal defense practice we often encounter situations where the person is facing a probation violation and simply does not know what to do.
Violation of your Probation
In order for it to be a violation of your probation, the violation has to be wilful and substantial. If you do not pay restitution or your costs of supervision often it is simply because you do not have the money. If you do not get counseling or attend a drug program, often, it is a matter of either not having the money or not being able to miss work. If you dropped a dirty urine, there may be a legitimate explanation. For example, did you know that eating a poppy seed bagel will make you test positive for Opiates? As a criminal lawyer, almost every week I speak to someone who wants to withdraw their plea. Is that possible.

Withdrawing a plea is incredibly difficult
Withdrawing a plea is incredibly difficult. You have to show that the plea was not “voluntary” or that you were not advised of the consequences. For example, a drug conviction often results in the suspension of your driver’s license for two years. Often a plea to almost any criminal offense can result in deportation or exclusion if you travel outside of the United States and try and return. You may find it difficult to get a job on probation because you probation officer comes to your place of work.
The simple answer is you need to have an experienced criminal defense attorney look at your case. Not all lawyers are created equal. You may have initially had an inexperienced lawyer give you bad advice. You may have been pressured into a guilty plea. You may think the deck is stacked against you and your situation is hopeless. Call for a free consultation and we should be able to give you an honest answer as to what your chances are. We can look at the Court record and review your case. Do not wait until you are violated and arrested.
Do not rely only on advertising or slick TV commercials when hiring an attorney. When you meet with the lawyer do not be bashful. Have a candid discussion about real experience and real qualifications. . Do not rely solely on a recommendation by a bondsman
Probation Violation, call Attorney Peter D Aiken, 941 366 3506 in Sarasota for a free consultation