Another May 2015 Sex Sting in Polk County


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The cops are at it again in Polk County running yet another Internet Sex Sting. This time they have arrested 9 men for Computer crimes. Detectives served search warrants during the sting, and eight were arrested for possession and distribution of child pornography, and one of the arrests was for lewd molestation and contributing to the delinquency of the minor. According to deputies, the men either had child pornography on their computers, received nude photos from underage girls via social media, or were found in possession of weapons or drugs. Most people do not know that the Sheriff in Polk County has received a Federal grant to run these operations. Most of the law enforcement agencies in Central and South Western Florida have signed an agreement with the Polk County Sheriff and jointly participate in the Central Florida Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. It sounds good but the truth is that this task force is entrapping and arresting hundreds of young men that truly are not pedophiles. The cops sit in “chat houses” hour after hour engaging in Internet Chat, texts and phone calls with unsuspecting men. They bait them with ads on Craigslist Casual Encounters and other Internet dating sites usually with innocuous ads. After getting someone to respond they will casually mention their age, usually 13 or 14 and try and lure the person responding into traveling to meet them. The police are masters at luring and enticing men with suggestive chat and lingo.
The best way to not get arrested is to not engage in any Internet chat with anyone who even hints that they are a minor. If someone responds to an Internet ad and says they are a minor, report them. You can report them to Craigslist and they will be deleted. In reality, most of the people on Craigslist are police officers. As a Florida sex crime lawyer, I have been blogging on this for over two years. The best way to not need a lawyer is to not respond to anything that sounds suspicious. I can’t tell you how many times in defending sex charges I have seen someone say “you are not a cop are you”? Often the police will pose as a mother seeking someone to teach her daughter about sex. That has to be a law enforcement officer. No real mother would post such an ad but time after time, men respond to this.
The police are regularly trolling the gay dating and hookup sites pretending to be a teenage boy. Do not respond. Walk away and, never, no never, travel to meet a minor. Never, no never, send a picture of your penis to anyone. You can be arrested and prosecuted for sending a sexually explicit picture to a minor. As a Sarasota sex crime lawyer I have handled sex cases in Polk, Seminole, Brevard, Pinellas, Manatee, Sarasota, Lee and Charlotte Counties. The pattern is always the same. The police engage in bait and switch and try and talk people into doing something they would otherwise never do. If you or a loved one have been charged with a sex crime in Polk County’s Internet sex sting netting computer crimes and want to talk to an experienced sex offense attorney, call today for a free consultation. Peter Aiken , Aiken, O’Halloran and Associtaes 941-366-3506


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No one wins in a fight

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We live in a violent society. Tempers are often short and the slightest thing can lead to confrontation. A simple push or shove can escalate into something really serious. As a Sarasota criminal defense lawyer, I have often seen people end up getting arrested and sometimes going to prison over something really stupid. Typically, alcohol or some other problem is at the root of a battery arrest.
Bar fights at spring break are common.

Most of the time the charge is simple battery.

That is a misdemeanor and punishable by county jail for up to one year. Most of the time simple battery cases can be resolved with pre- trial intervention or a plea to disorderly conduct. Simple battery can be something as simple as a poke, a shove or a punch. A nonconsensual kiss can be a battery or a slap on the butt can get you arrested.

If someone is seriously injured as a result of the incident, the charge can be elevated to aggravated battery.

For example if the punch breaks a jaw, causes scarring, knocks out teeth or causes a concussion, it becomes a felony. If serious bodily injury occurs, the aggressor can end up in State prison if the case is not handled right. Aggravated battery can also be charged if a weapon is used. A bottle, a club, a knife or brass knuckles will get you an aggravated battery charge. There is no winner in a fight. Usually, the loser goes to the hospital and the winner goes to jail. Keep your temper. Ignore other people’s words and only fight in self defense. There is an old saying. “Never argue with an idiot; people watching can’t tell which one is the idiot”. As a Sarasota and Bradenton criminal defense lawyer, I strongly suggest you make no statements and consult an attorney immediately if charged with any form of battery.

Sexual battery can be determined to be rape.

Sexual battery is an unwanted form of contact with an intimate part of the body that is made for purposes of sexual arousal, sexual gratification or sexual abuse. Sexual battery may occur whether the victim is clothed or not. It is a crime, which varies by state laws, so local laws should be consulted. Some of the charges can include rape, indecent assault, and sodomy

As a Florida Criminal Defense attorney, Commonly the sexual battery charge stems from domestic relations where troubled relationship issues accelerates into misunderstandings where authorities become involved.

The most common arrest is in the context of a domestic violence charge.

This is usually between a husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend or brothers and sister. Sometimes it is roommates. These arrests usually are accompanied by restraining orders called no contact orders and require appearances in two separate Courts. The important thing in life it to learn that violence rarely is the answer. Road rage ends badly. No one wins. Never display a weapon or point a gun at anybody. Do not throw anything at another vehicle and never try and make someone pull over. As an experienced criminal defense attorney, I see that the many variations of battery charges after an arrest become a part of your personal resume when pursuing employment and rental housing. A person’s best weapon is their brain. Use it wisely.
If you are reading this too late and you have been arrested in Sarasota or Manatee County you can call for a free consultation at 941 366 3506.

What Sites Are Targeted In Internet Sex Stings?


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It is about time for another Internet Sex Sting. The police have been running on average one sex sting a month for several years now. Many lonely men looking for adult companionship are regularly entrapped into traveling to meet minors in these stings. It always starts on an adult site. Here is a list of the sites targeted in one of the latest police entrapment operations:
In this blog, I am not telling you how to commit a crime and get away with it. I am telling you do not commit a crime.
Do not get sucked in by clever law enforcement internet sex sting entrapment techniques. The internet is a fantasy world when you are lonely and they will try and talk you into doing something that in real life you would never do.
If you are on,, Craigslist Casual Encounters or some other adult social site and you see anything that even hints that the person may be a minor, do not respond. The best way to not get arrested is to not commit a crime. Thousands of men are being talked into committing crimes and then being charged with a variety of Internet Solicitation.
If you see anything like “my mom is away” or “I am home alone”, do not respond and flag the post. If you see the word “taboo” or the words “family fun”, it is a police officer trying to entrap an innocent person. We all want to keep kids off the Internet. If you see anything that even remotely looks like a child on an adult site, flag it and report it to law enforcement.
Adults should be able to hook up with adults without the police trying to turn it into something it is not. The latest scam is for the police to pose as escorts on When you respond they try and bait and switch you with something illegal saying something like “I am really only 14”. The police also pose as phone pimps for escorts and then try an offer you a minor saying she is “really hot” or “cute” or “experienced.
I have been involved in about 29 sting cases and the one thing I always see people say is “how do I know you are not a cop”? Do you really think they would tell you? That is why they call it a sting. Don’t be stung stupid! Never try and hook up with a minor no matter what they say. The world is full of adult women and there is no reason to ever even think about “young stuff”.
If everybody followed my advice, they would never need a sex crime lawyer. If you don’t get arrested you will not need a criminal defense lawyer in Sarasota or for that matter anywhere else. I have a special warning for military men. They are out to get you and targeting men returning from active duty overseas. Don’t let your loneliness be your downfall. When they run the next sting here in Bradenton or Sarasota, their posts and ads will be in Tampa, Orlando, Naples, Palm Beach and Miami.
Georgia “ Operation Mayday “ 2015
In Georgia they recently targeted Augusta, Georgia where they ran ads in surrounding areas. Areas that included the nearby largest military training base in the US. They arrested 22 people of which over half were 25 or under. Young, lonely, vulnerable people on adult sites engaging other adults, it’s called social networking. The cops run ads as adults then lure the young adults into meet ups then do a bait and switch with the age. The undercover will then engage in manipulative chatter to make sure the individual stays interested. The ICAC tasks force teach undercover chatters to talk men into traveling some distance. They will have an answer for ever resistant response you have. They will seize your car. In most cases it can take a civil forfeiture proceeding to attempt to get your property back. If timely, difficult but not impossible. The cops want the money. They will tell you to bring condoms. They want to create evidence. They will try and get you to send a penis pic. Never, no never send a sexually explicit picture of your private parts on the Internet. I argue authorities have it all wrong it was the undercover cops preying on the weak and powerless. My predictions is that there will be many more internet sex sting in Georgia throughout the summer months of 2015. Do not become a “pedophile” or registered sex offender for life. Do not end up on Sex Offender probation for years and do not end up a felon. Stay off the sites…..Go find and adult woman the old fashioned way. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it is! Hopefully, you will never need me. God forbid, if you do:
call 941 366 3506 or “CLICK HERE”visit
If you had a son, husband, daughter or relative that was arrested in Augusta Georgia in the Internet Sex Sting call “Operation Mayday” or are charged with traveling to meet a minor, criminal attempt to commit child molestation, solicitation of someone believed to be a child, call me Attorney Peter D Aiken, at my office for a free consultation. I have experience in defending internet sex sting arrests and charges.  I will be glad to answer any questions you might have regarding internet sex sting defense. Often a family lawyer is called that may or may not have experience with Criminal Sex Sting Defense and it is not unusual to have more than one attorney retained in an Internet Sex Sting Case with such complexity.

Can I Withdraw my Guilty Plea?

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Many people who are on probation regret pleading either no contest or guilty and want to take it back.
The decision as to whether or not to accept a plea deal is a tough one. Many times, the Public Defender will advise someone to accept a plea rather than fight the case. Each case is different and each person in different. Some people because a of a drug problem, a bi-polar condition or economic circumstances simply will not make it. In our criminal defense practice we often encounter situations where the person is facing a probation violation and simply does not know what to do.
In order for it to be a violation of your probation, the violation has to be wilful and substantial.
If you do not pay restitution or your costs of supervision often it is simply because you do not have the money. If you do not get counseling or attend a drug program, often, it is a matter of either not having the money or not being able to miss work. If you dropped a dirty urine, there may be a legitimate explanation. For example, did you know that eating a poppy seed bagel will make you test positive for Opiates?As a criminal lawyer, almost every week I speak to someone who wants to withdraw their plea and they ask, Is that possible?
Withdrawing a plea is incredibly difficult.
You have to show that the plea was not “voluntary” or that you were not advised of the consequences. For example, a drug conviction often results in the suspension of your driver’s license for two years. Often a plea to almost any criminal offense can result in deportation or exclusion if you travel outside of the United States and try and return. You may find it difficult to get a job on probation because you probation officer comes to your place of work.
• The simple answer is you need to have an experienced criminal defense attorney look at your case.
• Not all lawyers are created equal.
• You may have initially had an inexperienced lawyer give you bad advice.
• You may have been pressured into a guilty plea.
• You may think the deck is stacked against you and your situation is hopeless.
Call for a free consultation and we should be able to give you an honest answer as to what your chances are. We can look at the Court record and review your case. Do not wait until you are violated and arrested.
Call today
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