Heroin Crisis Could Have Been Prevented

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Roll the clock back two years. There were hundreds of deaths each year from opiate pill overdoses. The answer of law enforcement, crack down. The answer for the Florida legislature, crack down. The answer from the State Attorney, crack down. The true problem is that there were thousands of normal men and women that had been addicted by doctors and the drug companies pushing their products. The doctors and the drug companies created the problem. People who simply had automobile accidents or other injuries found themselves addicted to Oxycontin, Oxycodone, Percocet and other opiates.
When law enforcement cracked down on the pill mills and the supply for the addicts dried up what happened? The heroin traffic exploded and many people found themselves now addicted to heroin instead of pills. The problem is addiction and everyone missed the boat on how to solve the problem. The money should have been put into programs to get people off the opiates. The methadone clinics are a joke. They for most part are money making operations just like the pill mills. The goal has to be getting people off drugs, not just changing the drug of choice from one to another. You can now buy heroin over the counter at some places in Sarasota. The pill mill void has been filled with an even worse drug. What nobody understands is that drug addiction is a medical problem that causes crime. Burglaries occur every day by addicts that have to find a way to support their habit. Credit cards get stolen and used by addicts who need money to pay for heroin. The answer is simply to get people help. Drug Court is doing a fantastic job but the emphasis has to be on getting people help, not putting them in jail. We regularly defend addicts and having compassion and understanding is part of our job. As a Sarasota Criminal Defense Attorney, our goal is to get you help and get you off drugs….In Sarasota call 941 366 3506 or visit our website at Sarasotadefender.com

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Heroin and Overdose Increase in 2015

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According to the newspaper on Saturday March 28, 2015, the number of Heroin overdoses is up. Fifteen is an overwhelming number, especially in just a three-month period. In all of 2013, the 12th District Medical Examiner reported 19 heroin-related deaths in its tri-county area of Manatee, Sarasota and DeSoto. In 2012, that number was seven. Only two were reported in both 2010 and 2011. Overdoses often happen when people don’t follow up with treatment after going through detox. The closure of the many pill mills opened the methadone clinics, and with their shrinking numbers there is a rise in the use of heroin and crime associated with demand for substance. Law enforcement and good intentions from law makers presumably did not anticipate how the pain medication crackdown would have an effect on the heroin trade, now at epidemic proportions locally evident with the recent overdose numbers.
Articles also reported, The Drug Enforcement Administration issued a nationwide alert on March 18 on the dangers of fentanyl. The Schedule II narcotic that is used as an analgesic and anesthetic is 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine and 30 to 50 times more potent than heroin. It’s lethal, even in small doses, the DEA warns.
Something needs to be implemented in walk in clinics and hospitals similar to what was in place in recent “pill mill days” where in the doctor screens for addiction. This system for the doctors needs to be easily accessible and inexpensive to implement. Doctor shopping has turned to Hospital and urgent care shopping. There needs to be addiction relief clinics available to addicts and hotlines associated with these facilities because heroin addicts should not have to fear seeking help. Hotlines that educate and help people with addictions seek alternatives. Overdose and death is a failure in our system. In the meanwhile, doctors in hospital and quick care clinics should not be fined or harassed for merely doing their best to take care of their patients with the current procedural system in place.
If you are a doctor, physician’s assistant, nurse or staff in a hospital, doctor’s office or clinic and have been arrested or are under investigation, review or suspension for an incident involving a patient found to be an addict, do not wait, an experienced criminal defense attorney may make the difference, call our office for a free confidential consultation, Sarasota 941-366-3506 or Ft, Myers 239-334-8890
If you have been arrested or are under investigation for possession of a controlled substance or trafficking in methadone, fentanyl or heroin do not talk to the DEA before you talk to an experienced criminal defense lawyer.  At Aiken, O’Halloran and Associates our goal is to use our experience to obtain the best possible result in your case. You need family support and help, not prison. Call Peter D Aiken in Sarasota 941-366-3506 or Sean C O’Halloran in Lee County -Fort Myers 239-334-8890 today for a free confidential consultation.
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How Do You Find the Best Sex Crime Lawyer in Florida?

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If you or a loved one has been arrested and charged with and Internet sex sting charge like traveling to meet a minor or Internet solicitation of a child or attempted sexual battery on a child you are probably in shock. In all likelihood a judge has set a really high bond or no bond and the entire family is in turmoil. The Sheriff has probably appeared on television describing your loved one as a sexual predator. Do not panic. The first step is to hire a good qualified experienced lawyer that has an actual history of defending sex crime charges. We live in a world of paid advertising and it is really hard to tell which attorneys genuinely have experience.
Just because an attorney claims to have experience in this type of case doesn’t mean it is so. You need to find out how many Internet sex crime cases the attorney has actually defended. Talk is cheap. Ask for a list of sex crime and sex sting cases actually defended by the lawyer himself. Do not be bashful. Your future or the future of your loved one is in his or her hands. With a lawyers bar number you can actually look up and review real results, not just claims of success. No lawyer can ethically claim to be the best at anything. In criminal law, not every case can be won. What you need to be looking for is an attorney with a proven track record in defending tough sex crime charges. The Internet now is full of lawyers claiming experience in this area of sex stings and sex crimes. You need to find a lawyer experienced in actual sex crime defense, not just experience in advertising. Do not be buffaloed by claims or ratings or fancy titles. Do your homework.
When it comes to Internet sex stings, I have been defending “traveler” cases ever since Chris Hansen started his “To catch a predator show”. In the past three years alone I have defended over 25 actual sex sting cases in Lee, Sarasota, Hillsborough, Seminole, Brevard, Manatee and Pinellas Counties. I know how the police run the stings. I know exactly how sex sting task forces sidestep the ICAC guidelines and I know which cases stand a chance at trial and which ones do not. In all cases the goal is to not become a registered sex offender. Sex offender or sexual predator registration is a lifetime punishment. The goal is to stay out of State prison and hopefully even out of County jail. The goal is to not be on sex offender probation. There are lawyers that will tell you what you want to hear. I am not one of them. I will give you honest answers and help you set reasonable goals. Experience does make a difference in finding technical loopholes and defenses and in negotiating reasonable settlements with the prosecutors in a sex crime. “Our goal is to achieve the best possible result in your case” .Juries are tough in sex crime cases and you start off with two strikes against you. Public opinion and prejudice is against you in sex stings and crimes against children. Older jurors simply do not understand the modern Internet dating pitfalls. The truth is, nothing on the Internet, when it comes to dating or hooking up, is true. In the latest set of stings in Volusia and Manatee counties the undercover chatters pretended to be parents offering children for sex.
Each case has to be approached realistically with skill, determination and a thorough knowledge of the law. Beware of any attorney that promises a result. If you want straight answers and can handle the truth about sex crimes and their defense, call for a free consultation at 941 366 3506

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Should I Use the Public Defender in a Sex Sting Case?

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If a family member was arrested in the Bradenton Manatee County Internet Sex Sting Green Shepherd IV or the Ormond Beach – Dayton Beach Volusia County Internet Sex Sting there are thing you need to know. Call now 941-366-3506

Every internet sex sting case is unique, all sex sting charges have variables, questions regarding internet sex sting charges and Florida internet sex sting defense can be answered by calling Aiken and O’Halloran today for a free consultation 941 366-3506
If you or a loved one get arrested you will go before the Court within 24 hours at what they call a first appearance. Before that happens, while you are in the jail, someone will ask you to fill out an application for a Public Defender. Did you know that they charge you a fee simply for filling out the application? They charge you a booking fee and they charge you a fee for every day you are in jail. If you have been arrested and you are facing felony criminal charges you absolutely must have an attorney. Even if you are guilty, you still need an attorney to guide you through the system. Many people because of the lack of money are forced to use the Public Defender. One of the questions I am often asked is “should I use the Public Defender”
Some of the lawyers at the Public Defender’s office are experienced and qualified. Others have little experience and minimal qualifications. Would you want heart surgery performed by a doctor at a public health clinic? If you are facing charges in March 2015 in Manatee or Volusia County you really need to think about a way to hire a private criminal defense attorney. Our Aiken and O’Halloran criminal defense firm, like many others will work with you to find a way to provide a quality defense. Often a relative or friend can put the fee on a credit card. In some instances, we may be able to take an assignment of your bond collateral to secure our fee and in other instances, we may be able to work out a payment plan. I have over forty years State and Federal Criminal Defense and Trial experience. As a former Federal Agent and Prosecutor I have handled over the years thousands of serious felony cases for crimes ranging from Homicide, aggravated battery, drug trafficking, racketeering and numerous Sex Sting and Sex Crime offenses. Many of the charges now, particularly Sex Crimes involving children carry minimum mandatory sentences. If you are facing 15 years in prison or in some instances life do you want some young inexperienced lawyer representing you?
When you are arrested it is generally a surprise to everyone. It is like any other emergency. If your roof fell in, if your transmission failed or if you got some serious illness, you would find a way to pay for it. It is the same with being charged with a serious crime like Cyber Child Sex Stings or Internet Sex Sting Operations. Talk to your relatives and friends. Sometimes an employer will help you. Sometimes you may have to sell something you own on Craigslist to raise the money. Find a way because it may make a big difference in your life.
Call for a free consultation. It costs nothing to talk to us. Check out our qualifications and experience and compare them with other private lawyers. 941-366-3506
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Attorney General Backs Release of Federal Drug Offenders

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Attorney General Backs Release of Federal Drug Offenders
Finally our Government is coming to its senses. Eric Holder, the Attorney General is backing a revision of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines which should take effect November 1st of 2014. The new provisions are to be applied retroactively on drug sentences in cases that do not involve guns or violence. The new guidelines could reduce the Federal prison population by over 20,000 inmates. Eric Holder and the Obama administration have taken a bold step even supported by Rand Paul. This is fantastic news for many of the drug offender now serving Federal sentences. It will allow many men who have been in prison for over ten years to apply for a sentence reduction and release. Some estimates put the number at sixty thousand men and women that may be released. Finally some sanity in Federal law.
Did you know that the United States has 5% of the World’s population but 25% of the world’s prisoners. We lead the world in the number of people in prison. Hopefully this is the first step in rethinking the war on drugs. As a drug lawyer, former Federal prosecutor and former Federal Agent I have been blogging for years pointing out how incredibly harsh and unfair our drug laws are. Twenty or more States have now legalized medical marijuana but in Florida there are still some die hard born again radicals like Sheriff Grady Judd that want to continue a losing war on pot. Just today, the Florida Sheriff’s Association launched media campaign against marijuana reform. This is the same mentality that continued the Vietnam war for ten years after it was lost.
Your vote counts. Vote for the legalization of medical marijuana. Vote for change. One way of reducing the crime rate is to make less things a crime. The United States is finally coming around and realizing that drug addiction is a medical issue that can better be addressed with other solutions. Let me hear your opinion. If you have a marijuana case pending or a relative in Federal prison on drug charges call today for a free consultation at either our criminal law office in Sarasota 941-366-3506 or our criminal defense firm in Ft. Myers 239-334-8890

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Another Sex Sting in Bradenton

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The Manatee Sheriff’s spokesman went on television to announce the arrest of 14 men in the latest Internet sex sting operation. What the public is told is simply a lie. In the press releases, the Sheriff claims that the men approached minors with profiles on the Internet. The truth is that the undercover chatters posed as adults on Internet sites like Craigslist, Badoo.com, Backpage.com and Meetme.com. After engaging the men in chat, the detectives switched to ages to those of minors. Many lives have been ruined by these sex sting operations. The public needs to be told the truth about what is really happening.
It is a crime to lure, seduce and entice a minor. It is a crime to travel to meet a minor after using the Internet to lure, seduce or entice. The police are posing as adults and then pretending to be minors interested in sexual encounters. The truth is that in many of these cases it is the police that are doing the seducing. The police post ads in the adult section of Backpage.com posing as prostitutes offering sex and “in calls” for money. When men respond, they switch the age and claim the woman is really a 15 year old. The police run ads like “Get me pregnant” in adult dating sites. Again, they bait and switch and after engaging men in texting switch the age to that of a minor.
One of the common ploys is for the police to pose as a mother or single dad looking for someone to teach their daughter about sex. Over and over, year after year, men fall for this pitch. The police are still getting away with these entrapment techniques. As the cases work their way through the court system the real tactics come to light. There is a world of difference between what you see on television and what is really happening. As a sex sting lawyer and sex crime attorney I have been involved in over twenty five of these sting cases. I have been blogging for several years trying to educate the public, but the stings keep on coming. The truth is that there are millions of dollars of Federal money involved. The local departments are under pressure to produce results to justify the money they get. It is just like the old ticket quotas. There are defenses to these trumped up arrests and if you or a loved one gets arrested you need to speak with a criminal defense attorney who has experience in trying the cases.
Being falsely accused of a sex crime is a horrible thing. Friends, employers and family members often abandon you after a sex sting arrest. They simply do not know what really the police really have done. You can call my Sarasota office for a free consultation at 941 366 3506. I will give you and your family straight answers. If you have been arrested in the March 2015 Manatee internet sex sting, DO NOT give up, call me, Peter D Aiken, and let me talk you through your defense options. 941-366-3506

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Heroin Crackdown Manatee and Sarasota

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Regrettably the crackdown of prescription medication, particularly opiates like Oxycondone, Oxycontin, Percocet and Vicodin has had a terrible side effect. As the price of “Blues” goes up due to the reduction in supply, people addicted the pills have turned to shooting heroin or snorting heroin. Heroin on the street now goes for as little as ten to fifteen dollars a bag. As a criminal defense lawyer in Sarasota, I am saddened to see people switching from pills to heroin. The more the police crackdown on the numerous pill mills and doctor shopping, the greater the heroin epidemic.
I spoke with an addict in jail today charged with burglary and grand theft. He was stealing to support his $1000 a day heroin habit. He originally became addicted when one of the pain management doctors wrote him script after script for Oxycodone. Once the Oxycodone became unavailable he switched to the cheaper and more available hard stuff. Now he has tracks in his arms and is sitting in jail looking at State Prison on burglary of a dwelling and theft. The police need to provide an alternative when the supply of Oxys is cut off. Many people are turning to the Internet to get Opiates. They are led to believe that the DEA cannot track them. Think again! The Feds are tightening the noose on the offshore pill suppliers and I promise you, they can track your order right to your door.
If you are addicted and if it is ruining your life you need help. If you have been arrested for possession of a controlled substance or trafficking in Heroin because of the quantity you got caught with. You need help, not prison. I have been in the criminal justice system all my adult life as an agent, prosecutor and for the last 25 years a practicing experienced criminal defense attorney. I help people from Lee to Hillsborough. There is no charge for a free telephone consultation. Call today before you get busted and explore your alternatives 941-366-3506

Can I get a fair trial?

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Can I get a fair trial?
In a perfect world the answer should be yes to getting a fair trial. The reality is that most of the criminal Court judges are former prosecutors. Many of the judges never practiced private law and their experience prior to taking the bench was solely as a prosecutor. They come from a background and history of being “tough on crime”. Judges are supposed to be fair and impartial and not lean towards one side or the other. Although many judges may think they are fair, their rulings and polices would reflect otherwise. In my experience,as a criminal defense lawyer in Sarasota, the longer a judge has been on the bench, the more balanced and fair he or she becomes. Generally, your older judges seem to have a more balanced view and are more compassionate of people’s mistakes in life.
In Florida, judges are supposed to be elected but the reality is that most judges are appointed by the Governor. Once appointed, most, year after year are unopposed when filing time comes and they are up for reelection. Lawyers are afraid to run against them and even if a judge has a history of being terribly one sided, he or she rarely draws opposition. The lawyers in the higher courts (the appeals courts) generally have a much more balanced view. Since judges are in theory elected officials, many want to seem to be “tough on crime” when in reality they are supposed to be fair to both sides. It is tough to get a legal decision in your favor when the subject matter is something the public deems to be heinous, like a sex crime.
Even if the deck is stacked against you with a biased judge, a good experienced criminal defense lawyer can make a difference. Thank god we still have the jury system. The State still has to convince jurors that your client is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. I have been trying cases in the criminal courts now for over thirty years and I have been in front of some judges that still seem to be prosecutors but have still gotten good verdicts from the jurors. Our system does work but it works a lot better when a defendant has a highly qualified attorney on his or her side. If you are black or Hispanic, unfortunately, the deck is stacked against you and you really need a lawyer that can balance things. Sarasota is predominantly white, old and conservative. Defending a person of color here when the charge is serious is tough. Even the jurors here carry prejudices and bias they are unaware they have. Jury selection therefore is critical. If you have been arrested in Sarasota, Manatee, Pinellas, Hillsborough or have charges in Bradenton, Sarasota or Tampa Bay and need an experienced lawyer to talk to feel free to call me, Peter Aiken, at my Sarasota criminal defense office next door to the Courthouse at 941-366-3506.