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Scammers Impersonate FBI on Internet Sex Scam

If you receive a notice on your computer that you have visited a porn site or looked at child pornography it may be part of an Internet extortion plot.  The real United States Department of Justice has issued a warning that there is now a computer virus circulating by the name of Reveton.  The virus lures you to a drive by download site.  When you visit the site, the virus is downloaded and your computer freezes and displays a warning that says you have violated United States Federal Law.  In order to unlock your computer you are instructed to pay a $100 fine by way of a prepaid money card service.  Many people panic and are quick to send in the money.  This is a scam and you may be tricked into sending your money to these crooks.

As a Sarasota sex crime lawyer I come into contact with many people who may have innocently downloaded child porn images and do not know what to do.  Just because you hit the delete button, it does not mean that the kiddie porn is not still on your computer.  There is also another scam out there where you get a letter from your Internet provider saying their records have been subpoenaed to produce your identity from your IP address.  There are law firms that scare people into settling frivolous laws suits to avoid their identity from being disclosed and the public embarrassment that comes from such a disclosure.  There are different variations but all of them are essentially shake downs and extortion preying on the guilt of someone who may have accidently visited a questionable site.  Never let anyone shake you down or extort you.  As a criminal defense lawyer I have seen more scams than you can imagine. 

On the other hand, if you are contacted by the real FBI, the Department of Justice or the local sheriff's office call for a free consultation before speaking with any agent or detective.  Never surrender your computer and never give a statement without the advice of a real criminal lawyer.  Not all lawyers handle sex crime cases and many criminal attorneys lack basic knowledge of how the Internet works.

If you have been arrested for Internet solicitation of a minor or travel to meet a minor or under aged person or have texted or emailed an undercover cop talk to a lawyer before doing anything.

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