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Sarasota Crackdown on Oxycodone Continues

The Sarasota police arrested three people for trafficking in Oxycodone in the Marina Jack area yesterday.  This is part of a continuing crackdown on people selling oxycodone or in many instances attempting to purchase Oxycodone.  The Oxycodone 30mg tablets, known on the street as "Blues", "Blueberries" and "30's" continue to be the pill of choice.  As the police crackdown on the pain management clinics and the pill mills, and as the pills become harder and harder to get, the market price increases and the temptation to buy in quantity goes up.  Often, the cops are the ones with the pills and many times they offer them at bargain basement prices to lure people into purchasing in amounts that will give rise to trafficking in Oxycodone charges.

In some instances, the charge is conspiracy to traffic and in others it is aiding and abetting in a sale.  The police charge this when people make and introduction or provide funds to make the purchase.  The penalties are huge and if convicted a person arrested for buying pills can face a long prison sentence.

As a Sarasota criminal lawyer I have seen an increase in instances where the police are the ones offering the pills for sale.  In some instances there may be a defense of entrapment. It all depends on the particular circumstances of the case.  You can rest assured if someone offers you "Blues" at a cheap price, it is probably and undercover cop or an informant.  In defending drug sale charges it is important to explore all the possible defenses.  If you have been arrested for an Oxycodone offense in Sarasota or Bradenton, call today for a free consultation.  Never give up hope.

As a former agent and prosecutor,and as a Sarasota defense attorney, over the years I have seen cases that started out terribly but through hard work, good legal research ended with good results.  You can never predict how a particular case will be resolved.  Never give up.

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